Consumer expectations are constantly evolving. Retailers need to build a sophisticated understanding of how consumers live, eat, shop, work, and play — and use this knowledge to provide value in the right place and at the right time to unlock long-term loyalty.

Opportunities exist across the experience spectrum, whether in lowercase “e” experiences that remove friction from digital and in-store channels or uppercase “E” Experiences that engage consumers with personalization and value both when they expect it and when they don’t.

Customers who receive a great experience report having:

As consumers gravitate toward brands that focus on experience across each individual’s unique journey, retailers will have to find innovative ways to deliver value across the spectrum of convenience-led to enrichment-led experiences. What are those? Learn how we can help you move toward an experience-led strategy

What consumers want across the retail experience spectrum

For “Experiences”

Consumers want an experience that is frictionless and convenient, provides the right product at the right place, and enables consumer safety.

intend to spend more on experiences. ²
are visiting stores less frequently. ²
will order online and pick up in-store more often. ²
intend to use voice assistants more often to make purchases. ²
use a smartphone to browse or shop online. ²

For “Experiences”

Consumers seek contextually relevant experiences that are seamlessly tailored to each consumer’s unique preferences and needs and enable the option to have shared shopping experiences.

intend to spend more on experiences. ²
will do more shopping online and only visit stores that provide great experiences. ²
would share personal data for tailored online experiences. ²

Mapping opportunities along the retail experience spectrum

We now explore how retailers and brands are bringing (e)xperiences and (E)xperiences to life

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The authors wish to thank Neera Majumdar for her contribution.

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