Forensics disputes

We provide assistance to parties and their counsels during the entire dispute process, from discovery and investigation to damages quantification and expert testimony. We support our clients with objective analysis and advice in all types of disputes, including commercial and regulatory disputes that require specialized industry or subject matter expertise.

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How EY teams can help you

EY Disputes Services professionals provide advice supported by objective analysis and extensive experience with accounting, financial and valuation matters in litigation, international arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution forums, including serving as experts, consultants or third-party neutrals.

We help you mitigate dispute risks and safeguard value through all stages of a dispute, including:

  • Early case assessment, including an initial review of documents and facts regarding the matter to provide an objective assessment of the strengths of key arguments and potential damages or exposure
  • Discovery assistance to help obtain information, documents and testimony relevant to the matter
  • Scenario analysis to model outcomes using different assumptions for settlement negotiations
  • Leveraging technology tools (i.e., machine learning and artificial intelligence, data analysis) to analyze large volumes of structured and unstructured data
  • Develop robust, objective and well-supported opinions
  • Provide expert testimony via convincing expert reports or through deposition, trial or arbitration testimony
  • Preparation for hearings and the cross-examination of witnesses

We also perform work in connection with expert determination processes. Depending on the matter, we may serve as an advisor to one of the parties or as an independent expert, particularly in the resolution of post-acquisition disputes relating to completion accounts and earn-outs:

  • A trusted advisor, by helping you to understand and define a suitable determination process, draft submissions and respond to questions from the independent expert
  • A neutral accountant, by agreeing and running the determination process and issuing reasoned or silent determinations on disputed items

Our approach

The EY purpose is building a better working world. EY Disputes teams deliver on this purpose by putting integrity at the heart of how we engage and build trust with our clients.

We follow a solution-oriented approach, detailed forensic analysis and in the clarity and quality of our written output. We address your most pressing challenges with clear, objective perspectives developed and delivered with common sense.