EY Assess: maturity assessment platform for digital, cybersecurity and risk

Rapidly assess maturity domains such as innovation, digital, cybersecurity and risk with EY Assess.

EY Assess is an all-in-one maturity assessment platform. Its self-assessment capabilities, real-time reporting and AI-based evidence analysis help enable organizations to make informed decisions, benchmark against industry standards, and improve maturity.

Accelerating your transformation journey

EY Assess is a key component of the EY Transformation Platform, a central platform designed to streamline transformation journeys, forging a digital pathway from strategy to execution. The EY Transformation Platform supports organizations to unlock their full potential, establishing clear objectives and harnessing data for actionable insights.

Foster consistent assessments

Foster organizational maturity by evaluating critical areas, including identifying and addressing weaknesses.

Optimize fact-based decisions

Facilitates quick decision-making by providing real-time insights into the organization's maturity progress.

Accelerate time-to-insight

Advances outputs and builds additional insight by leveraging the power of state-of-the-art AI capabilities.

Maturity assessments

  • Create broadly configurable questionnaires in the form of maturity assessments or surveys.
  • Assess and diagnose maturity across various critical areas, including transformation health, digital, innovation, cyber and risk.
  • Streamline evidence capture and assess progress with self-assessment capabilities to facilitate efficient tracking and documentation.
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Dynamic reporting and dashboard

  • Discover new meaningful insights and relevant scores to make data-driven decisions.
  • Enhance reporting to analyze results by leveraging multiple methodologies.
  • Compare your questionnaires’ results with previous versions (e.g., the last one, or from three or five years ago) to better review and track progress over time.
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  • Assess and benchmark your organization's performance against relevant standards with industry and peer benchmarking tools, providing valuable insights.
  • Uncover performance gaps in people, process, data and technology-related areas with AI-based evidence analysis, enhancing assessment insights.
  • Customize benchmarks and compare and analyze results instantly using an interactive dashboard for actionable insights and informed decision-making.
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