EY Trend Sighter: tech and innovation trend insights tool

Explore tech and innovation trends with rich insights, diverse sources and easy navigation.

The EY Trend Sighter tool offers insights into technology and innovation trends. Access a comprehensive look at more than 80 technologies with the latest insights and real-world examples.

Accelerating your transformation journey

EY Trend Sighter is a key component of the EY Transformation Platform, a central platform designed to streamline transformation journeys, forging a digital pathway from strategy to execution. The EY Transformation Platform supports organizations to unlock their full potential, establishing clear objectives and harnessing data for actionable insights.

Curate global insights 

Enjoy instant access to continuous, harmonized insights.

Enhance tech trend acumen

Discover trends in technology and explore how EY's innovative implementations can guide your tech priorities.

Align tech to needs

Accelerate decision-making with role- and function-specific content tailored to your unique requirements.

Instant access to latest tech and innovation insights

  • Delve into rich insights from EY teams and third parties on over 80 technologies.
  • Explore news, research, development, ecosystems and EY thought leadership.
  • Take advantage of intuitive navigation to harmonize insights from various sources and horizons.
  • Gain understanding of technologies, business issues, industries and macro themes.
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Enriched insights for priority tech trends

Enriched insights for priority tech trends

  • Customize scenarios and content to meet your needs, leveraging the tool’s full potential for tailored insights and informed decision-making.
  • Discover custom content that keeps up with priority tech trends and use cases.
  • Stay updated with cyclically refreshed content for maximum relevance.
  • Benefit from EY tech consulting experience while taking advantage of industry knowledge and domain expertise.

Tech-driven priorities immersion

  • Immerse audiences in priorities across roles and business functions.
  • Utilize the platform as a managed service for tech-enabled priority setting.
  • Leverage the platform to accelerate innovation efforts and embed priorities into the decision-making process.
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