Finance Technology Services solution

The Finance Technology solution improves the efficiency and effectiveness of finance processes by using emerging technology to automate transaction processing and associated financial, managerial, statutory, tax, treasury, ESG, compliance and other reporting.

Artificial intelligence

Develop GenAI capabilities to improve forecasting and insight development and build trust in a variety of functions through natural language and cognitive processing.

Advanced analytics

Provide better, more timely information to key stakeholders and remove human bias from forecasting using diverse data sources — from industry sources, social media and across business functions.

Intelligent automation

Reduce costs by automating key finance, accounting and tax processes to free up resources and redeploy them toward higher-value tasks, such as decision support and risk management.

Your business challenge

CFOs and their organizations are challenged to match technology to their finance transformation objectives. They are asking themselves:

  • How do we transition from traditional finance processes to modern, digital initiatives?
  • How can we quickly deploy technology in a low-cost environment?
  • How do we accommodate sector-specific variances in finance technology architecture?
  • Can our analysts deliver solutions without advanced coding skills?
  • Which technologies integrate with our finance function to manage large datasets?
  • Which software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications can transform our finance function?

Solution features and functionality

Within the Finance Technology solution, EY teams use a mix of offerings to help organizations transform their finance functions for speed, accuracy and scale.

The EY suite of finance solutions is backed by — a unifying platform that seamlessly connects AI capabilities.

EY Transformation Platform

Each finance solution is powered by Transformation Platform, a suite of digital tools that accelerates the transformation journey.

Why EY

The Finance Technology solution sits within a connected suite of EY finance solutions that supports the full agenda of the CFO. EY teams have over 11,000 professionals dedicated to finance and global business services (GBS) transformation.

Alliance relationships

EY alliance and ecosystem relationships allow organizations to put powerful technology at the core of their transformation to a future-ready, agile finance function. The Finance Technology solution utilizes Blackline, Microsoft, SAP and ServiceNow to build transformative finance functions.


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