Finance Data Transformation solution

The Finance Data Transformation solution helps organizations drive consistent, enterprise-wide data definitions, usage and governance models through integration of a finance data office at the center of the finance function.

Innovate and transform

Integrate a finance data office into the finance function to innovate more quickly, keep up with your customers and outpace competitors.

Harness data to drive decisions

Embed data-centricity into decision-making and daily operations to automate insights and rapidly deliver value.

Create long-term value

Understand and leverage data transformation methods that can have long-term benefits for customers, your people and society.

Your business challenge

Finance leaders are turning to data to drive finance transformation and to deliver more value throughout the business. They are asking themselves:

  • How do we reduce unnecessary complexity in our global finance operations?
  • How do we cut time and cost in data reconciliation between systems?
  • How do we develop capabilities in AI, advanced analytics and blockchain?
  • How do we adhere to data privacy, security and ethical AI measures?
  • How do we align on a single definition of our finance metrics?
  • How do we eliminate multiple versions of truth?

Solution features and functionality

The Finance Data Transformation solution places the finance data office at the center of the finance function. This shifts the CFO from being chief of an operational cost center toward becoming a chief value officer.

The EY suite of finance solutions is backed by — a unifying platform that seamlessly connects AI capabilities.

EY Transformation Platform

Each finance solution is powered by Transformation Platform, a suite of digital tools that accelerates the transformation journey.

Why EY

The Finance Data Transformation solution sits within a connected suite of EY finance solutions that supports the full agenda of the CFO. EY teams have over 11,000 professionals dedicated to finance and global business services (GBS) transformation.

Alliance relationships

EY alliance and ecosystem relationships allow organizations to put powerful technology at the core of their transformation to a future-ready, agile finance function. Finance Data Transformation solution utilizes Blackline, Microsoft, SAP and ServiceNow to build transformative finance functions.


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