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EY teams provide assessment and attestation services to help companies understand and manage business risks related to technology in the Transformative Age.

What EY can do for you

Business and technology are converging rapidly. With technology becoming the business of every company, understanding information technology (IT) risk is becoming more important. The ability to understand these risks and bridge the knowledge gap that often exists between business and IT is the core strength of EY teams. The work of EY professionals help decision-makers to attain confidence by understanding risk and embedding trust.

The Technology Risk teams can help you achieve sustainable growth by supporting your efforts to protect your business performance, and by providing trusted communications on internal control and regulatory compliance to investors, management, regulators, customers and other stakeholders. EY teams will accomplish this by assessing technology risks that are introduced to businesses through:

  • Understanding your strategies, initiatives, processes and issues around IT controls, cybersecurity attestation, cloud assurance, certification, contractual compliance or software asset management
  • Providing services that help you navigate through the digital complexity to make confident and faster decisions

EY Professionals help you:

  • See the big picture related to technology risks so that you can make better, faster and more confident decisions
  • Create trust and confidence in financial reporting 
  • Provide trusted communications and assurance on internal control or related to regulatory compliance to customers, alliances, strategic partners, governments and authorities
  • Identify, improve and respond to risks from advances in technology
  • Meet evolving regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Control compliance costs
  • Build trust in new technology products and services from the outset
  • Undertake proactive technology risk mitigation 

Our services consist of:

Our latest thinking

How can you turn digital risk into a source of competitive advantage?

In this transformative age, how risk is managed will become the key to unlocking the strategic upside of disruption.

07 Jan 2021 Amy Brachio

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