EY Global VAT reporting tool (GVRT)

A cloud-based, scalable platform for comprehensive data preparation, reporting and transaction processing to tax.

Tax authorities around the world are introducing new reporting obligations and transaction-level reporting — which means businesses are under increasing pressure to stay compliant and up to date with the latest requirements. EY professionals developed GVRT to help companies insource their indirect tax function by leveraging the latest value-added tax (VAT) reporting technology available, redefining the standards of indirect tax compliance reporting. It helps simplify, automate and digitize VAT/GST reporting.

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Load transactional data

Transactional data is uploaded from multiple accounting and finance systems directly into the tool.

Test tax technical accuracy

Data is tested against customizable parameters, which address unique client requirements, to facilitate VAT/GST compliance.

Review and correct transactions

Alternative VAT/GST codes help revalue transactions, track and update changes at the source.

What EY can do for you

As increasing numbers of tax authorities around the world introduce new reporting obligations, businesses are under growing pressure to stay compliant with the complex requirements and changes. The introduction of transaction level reporting makes this even more challenging, removing the ability and the time to manually interact with data before its submission to governments.

EY Global Technology helps in keeping appropriate compliance levels today while future-proofing one’s organization for tomorrow.

Redefining the approach to insourced compliance

EY has developed GVRT, a cloud-based solution, to help companies manage their indirect tax function by leveraging the latest VAT, GST and SUT reporting technology available, redefining the standards of indirect tax compliance reporting processes globally. GVRT also comes with a suite of integrated modules to tackle unique indirect tax regimes such as those found in the United States, China, and India. GVRT can support the supplemental filing requirements needed in numerous countries, such as the Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF-T), Immediate Supply of Information (SII) and the Continuous Transactional Controls (CTC) submissions.

Key functionality

VAT/GST return production

EY GVRT has helped clients automate their end-to-end reporting process, significantly reducing the amount of manual intervention initially required. As a result, the users gain more control, visibility, with tax calendar tracking and global analysis through comprehensive data-driven dashboards.

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Manage VAT/GST risk effectively

Operate more rapidly by: 

  • Automating your indirect tax return production
  • Using analytics routines to flag anomalies and transactions requiring review

Improve data accuracy and use

Use resources more efficiently and draw on a broad, insightful view into your data by consolidating multiple sources and automating exception reporting.

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Drive value and transformation

Leverage EY global experience and business insights to stay up to date, anticipate and proactively respond to the ever-changing tax regulations impacting your organization.

Leverage technology to drive tax value

Are you interested in significantly reducing manual VAT/GST reporting work? Talk to one of our professionals.