Global compliance and reporting (GCR)

In a globalized economy with increasing digital demands from tax authorities, global compliance and reporting has to keep pace.

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Compliance and reporting make huge demands on tax and finance functions today. In keeping pace with the new digital world’s increasing complexity and transformational mandates to meet requirements, how do you reduce noncompliance risk and add value cost-effectively?

From “record to report” — that is, from the recording of transactions and assets to the final stakeholder reports — GCR teams operate at the intersection of finance and tax with an integrated approach that spans both a company’s tax life cycle and the key filing and statutory reporting processes within record-to-report. This helps to deliver accuracy and efficiency in over 150 jurisdictions, plus provide analytics that provide insights and real-time dashboards, showing your compliance status around the world.

Through all phases of the tax life cycle, we stay ahead of the digital curve by using world-class technology and a globally standardized methodology. Good data starts with GCR’s Payroll, Bookkeeping and Accounting, with compliance obligations and accurate filings being delivered by GCR’s Business Tax Compliance, Tax Accounting, Indirect Tax Compliance and Statutory Reporting services.

The EY and Microsoft Alliance: Tax transformation, solved


Tax transformation means continuous transformation. Together, EY and Microsoft will keep you ahead of the curve.

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No matter your transformation goal, the EY and Microsoft Alliance can help you overcome the challenges before you and affect real, sustainable change in your organization and the world.

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