The EY Transfer Pricing Engine

Transfer pricing regulations have evolved. While that presents problems for companies that can’t keep up, it offers opportunity for organizations that can. The EY Transfer Pricing Engine helps businesses transform – not just remain compliant or transparent – and hone a competitive edge.

What EY can do for you


Transforming through technology


Shifts in international tax planning have elevated the importance of transfer pricing. Yet these very changes highlight the transfer pricing operational element that many companies need: technology.

76% of respondents say they are challenged by the sheer volume, pace and complexity of global tax reforms, according to the EY International Tax and Transfer Pricing Survey 2021.

A single, stronger system

With its advanced architecture and functionality, the EY Transfer Pricing Engine eliminates the need for multiple systems. Instead, this one core system helps streamline transfer pricing processes.

With next-level data-ingestion capabilities, the EY Transfer Pricing Engine enables you to:

  • Extract and consume data from multiple sources
  • Grid those calculations, then import them back into the system
  • Easily spot idiosyncrasies

Lower overhead and increase dexterity

The EY Transfer Pricing Engine isn’t just a response to present shifts in the tax landscape – it’s a proactive technology that helps you plan for what’s next.

It offers extensive functional and analytical capabilities:

  • Journal entries and price lists for more timely profitability summaries
  • Calculations of service allocations, royalties, profit splits and cost sharing
  • Supply chain analytics and modeling, as well as pricing simulations

Tax risk
of transfer pricing leaders worry about tax risk

Applying the sophisticated technology of the EY Transfer Pricing Engine can help reduce the risk for human error and elevate data management, processing and reporting – creating a more efficient transfer pricing workflow than ever before.

Lead in a post-profit-shifting world

With the right technology, your transfer pricing function can go beyond compliance and transparency – to contribute strategically. That’s what current business changes require, and it’s how tomorrow’s tax leaders can help move their businesses forward.

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