Communities are the most valuable assets in human-centered innovation. Engaging them unlocks vast potential. EY MillionYou crowdsourcing combines expertise in building and activating communities with EY MillionYou’s super-fluid platform.

What EY can do for you

Strike a balance between the community needs and business needs, to drive long-term value creation. Our super-fluid EY MillionYou platform can help you harness the power of crowdsourcing to uncover human truths to drive change and better understand the why behind your audience’s decisions and actions.

With our platform and expertise, you can unlock the power of communities to foster consumer-brand connectivity, create frictionless customer experiences, and drive innovation and culture change. Extract actionable insights, identify key themes as they emerge, and monitor sentiment and emotions leveraging artificial intelligence (AI)-powered real-time analytics.

Supercharge your experience in design, marketing, innovation and corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts with the power of virtual communities.

Citizen empowerment realized

We combine expertise in building and activating communities with EY MillionYou's super-fluid platform.

Our latest thinking

How real-time data improved diversity and inclusion policies

Data, analytics and a desire to embrace inclusivity transformed a consumer products company’s D&I program into an organization-wide cultural movement.

28 Feb 2022 Jan Kasprzycki-Rosikon + 2

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