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Your one-stop-shop for grants and incentives. Together with you, we develop the best and most cost-efficient strategy for submitting and managing your grants and incentives applications. We tailor our services to your needs and provide specific skillsets at any point in the project cycle. 

Our experienced professionals are a trusted partner to help you navigate the funding landscape and offer tailor-made support to successfully obtain grants & incentives that fit your projects and ambitions. Whether you are a start-up/scale-up, an SME, a multinational, a research organisation or a non-profit organisation, we match your activities with realistic funding schemes, including R&D activities, (sustainable) investments, trainings and strategic company growth.

What we do

We support companies, governments and organizations in obtaining, managing and following up successful subsidy applications. We are an established value and frontrunner in grants and incentives advice throughout Belgium. Thanks to a local presence in Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels, we have the specific subsidy knowledge and expertise tailored to starters, SMEs, multinationals and knowledge institutions. Contact us to set up a non-committal introductory meeting!

  • Subsidy scan

    We identify subsidy opportunities, define and map project ideas and match realistic subsidy programs to your activities.

  • Applying for grants & incentives

    We take care of the application process: delivery of best-in-class proposals, submission of the proposal and guiding the evaluation process.

  • Project management & reporting

    During the project, we coordinate the project (consortium), take care of technical, financial, and administrative reporting, and follow-up on the progress.

  • Support

    We offer tailor-made support to complement your expertise, such as partner searches, supporting audits and/or inspection visits by granting authorities, training and coaching of project managers, supporting contract negotiations with authorities and/or between project partners,…

EY’s globally integrated network instantaneously links our clients to the right national and international experts of EY in many areas (cash grants, incentives, taxation, corporate social responsibility, specialized and in-depth IT audits, corporate financing, risk management, specific sector knowledge).

This allows to set up global networks with governments and organizations and to facilitate and shape partner searches across borders.

Who we are

We offer a dynamic, flexible service thanks to an experienced, multidisciplinary team of enthusiastic specialists. Based on their background knowledge, experience and passion for innovation, our experts like to think along about the project design, the technological / ecological / business-related challenges, the work plan and business potential in order to arrive at a well-thought-out and strong grant application.

Thanks to their academic background, our experts only need half a word to understand what your project is all about and they are able to write down the various elements of the application in a scientifically and technologically correct manner. This saves you a lot of work and headaches, allowing you to concentrate optimally on your core business.

How will subsidies boost your business?

Curious about the latest opportunities for your companies? Read more about the instruments available to support your business. 

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