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How will subsidies boost your business? We support companies, governments and organizations in obtaining, managing and following up successful subsidy applications.

What EY can do for you

Do you sometimes feel as if your company or organization is missing out on subsidies? Are you interested in European, federal or regional grants and incentives, but are you discouraged by the application procedures and reporting formalities? Would you like to get a comprehensive overview of all the subsidy opportunities for your organization or project idea?

For more than two decades, EY Subsidia supports companies, governments and organizations in obtaining, managing and following up successful subsidy applications. We are now an established value and frontrunner in grants and incentives advice throughout Belgium. Thanks to a local presence in Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels, we have the specific subsidy knowledge and expertise tailored to starters, SMEs, multinationals and knowledge institutions.

We can help you in:

  • Research & development

    Is your company planning to develop innovative, state-of-the-art products and/or services?

    • Are there technological challenges and risks associated with this development?
    • Will the development result in a buildup of new knowledge for your company?
    • Is your company open to collaboration with other companies, universities or knowledge institutions to fasten and/or deepen the knowledge buildup?
    • Will your company invest multiple full-time equivalents (FTEs) in the development?

    Various regional and European initiatives for stimulating scientific research and industrial development exist for start-ups, SMEs and large enterprises, often on a project basis. Funding is administered by regional government and funding rates range from 25% up to 80%.

  • Investments

    Does your company plan a significant investment project (over 2 million euros in 3 years)?

    • Is the investment related to the introduction of a new or renewed product, service or process which can be considered innovative?
    • Does the new or renewed product or service have substantial international market potential? Will your company target new international markets?
    • Does the investment have a sustainable component (people, planet, profit)?
    • Will the investment project result in additional employment? If yes, how many additional jobs will be created?

    Strategic transformation support (STS) by VLAIO supports investments of at least € 1 million (SE), € 2 million (ME) or € 3 million (LE), for an amount of 8 to 10% of the investment sum, with a maximum of € 1 million per enterprise.

  • Export

    Does your company plan...

    • ...a prospection trip outside the EU in order to target a new export market?
    • take part in a foreign trade fair?
    • ...the development and translation of digital international commercial communication?
    • set up a prospection office outside of the EU?
    • Does your company produce capital goods? Do you (plan to) export these to developing countries?

    Flemish and federal export incentives are available for both SMEs and large companies planning to export goods to developing or least developed countries, ranging from 35 to 50% of the contract amount.

  • Sustainability

    Does your company plan to...

    • ...invest in sustainable or ecological technologies, resulting in a more eco-friendly and energy efficient production process or leading to a more efficient use of resources?
    • ...gain a competitive advantage in Europe by investing in a sustainable economy?
    • ...pilot or demonstrate innovative technologies, methodologies or business models inspired by environmental or climate change challenges?
    • ...enhance environmental or climate governance (i.e. organisational behavioural change?
    • ...train, educate or inform on environmental or climate change issues?

    Ecological incentives include e.g. the EP+ or Strategic Ecology Support (STRES) by VLAIO, up to € 1 million over a three year period, as well as EU LIFE environment or climate subsidies, covering up to 60% of project costs.

  • HR

    Is your company planning...

    • organize trainings to expand the knowledge of its employees?
    • adjust its organizational structure?
    • change/improve its HR management?
    • perform structural changes to its company site to assess commuter traffic problems?
    • hire its first employees, disabled employees, or employees under 25 or over 55?

    HR incentives include e.g. ESF (European), Pendelfonds and STS (VLAIO), Plan de formation-insertion, Crédit-Adaptation and SESAM (Le Forem - Wallonia).

What we do:

We assist your company or organization in a wide range of services. Together with you, we develop the best and most cost-efficient strategy for submitting and managing your subsidy applications.

  • Identification

    • Developing an optimized subsidy strategy and building awareness concerning new subsidy opportunities.
    • Identification of potential opportunities by screening your business activities and matching with the available subsidy instruments.
  • Application

    • Finalizing the consortium and optimizing the project to maximize your chances of success.
    • Drawing up a high-quality proposal, including technical writing and design.
    • Assistance during the submission of the proposal.
  • Follow-up

    • Assistance during the evaluation process, including negotiations with governments if required.
    • Analysis of decisions and assistance in drafting the grant agreement.
  • Management

    • Drafting any required reports during and after the execution of the project.
    • Project management, monitoring KPIs and acting as Single Point of Contact for the consortium.
  • Audit

    • Preparation for and assistance with audits.
    • Executing 'test' audits.

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