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EY’s  Virtual Assistant solution is designed to increase organizations’ capacity to provide timely information to key stakeholders and guide them on recommended actions.

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What EY can do for you

Our Virtual Assistant solution helps answer questions, deflect call centre inquiries and promote digital self-service using a convenient, user-friendly channel. The solution incorporates FAQs and basic information in an easily consumable format with the ability to add new, enhanced features and information, such as SMS, agent handoff and appointment scheduling.

It’s developed to be plug and play with rapid deployment into your organization’s environment. Content can be fully tailored to a variety of use cases without significant development effort and it incorporates a data analytics engine on the back end, allowing us to report on key metrics and continuously improve the Virtual Assistant.

The solution is built on the Microsoft Azure platform and can be maintained by EY to bring you speed of delivery. We can host the Virtual Assistant or we can build or transition it to your environment for on-premise or private cloud deployment. Our rapid deployment approach allows us to get it up and running within five business days, followed by weekly enhancements based on newly available features and ongoing needs analysis.

Key benefits

By providing service agents with a Virtual Assistant that has answers at the ready, your organization can respond more effectively.

  • Consistency in response: It’s important that you provide consistent responses to all of your key stakeholders. In the case of COVID-19, these responses can range from credit card and mortgage payment deferrals to helping small businesses with their liquidity needs.
  • Supporting rapidly evolving policies and procedures: Traditional FAQs and the trickle down of policy and procedure changes do not support rapidly evolving scenarios. You need a centralized repository of customer-facing direction that can be updated quickly.
  • Deployment to all front lines: There are multiple front lines that communicate policies and actions to your customers and employees. The Virtual Assistant helps you convey clear and consistent policies and procedures across channels and with real-time updates, provided by a single bot accessed through a single URL.
  • Single auditable source: You need to document how you provide a consistent response/ guidance to your employees, citizens and customers. The bot provides an auditable source of the guidance provided at any point in time.
  • Connecting to other services: The extent of help to consumers, small business owners and employees can go far beyond your company and can connect to multiple external organizations that may offer additional, ancillary, complementary services.

How EY can help

While there are countless use cases across all sectors and functions - customizable to your organization’s needs, below are a few of the most common examples:

Call centre

Financial services

Human resources (employee bot)

Government and public services

  • Policies and term modifications
  • Deferred payments, fee waivers and credit reporting
  • Service support
  • Deferred payments, fee waivers and credit reporting
  • Credit limit increases and loan restructuring
  • Small business loans, government support and tax implications
  • Physical return to work
  • Health and safety
  • Benefits and compensation
  • Non-essential businesses reopening plan
  • Local, regional, provincial government support details
  • Health regulations 

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