Specialist Leisure Group

Specialist Leisure Group Limited
Shearings Group Limited
Shearings Holidays Limited
Shearings Hotels Limited
Shearings Limited
Wallace Arnold Travel Limited
National Holidays Tours Limited
National Holidays Limited
UK Breakaways Limited

(All in Administration) (together “the Specialist Leisure Group” or “the Companies”)

The Specialist Leisure Group entered Administration on 22 May 2020 and Samuel J Woodward and Colin P Dempster have been appointed as Joint Administrators. The appointment was made by the directors of the Companies under the provisions of paragraph 22(2) of Schedule B1 to the Insolvency Act 1986.

The Specialist Leisure Group, which operated several businesses that sold holidays and other travel arrangements, has ceased to trade with immediate effect.

All tours, cruises, holidays and hotel breaks booked with the Specialist Leisure Group have been cancelled and will not be rescheduled.


Customers who have booked holidays or hotel breaks with the Specialist Leisure Group should read the latest notice on the claims process, as at January 2021, which can be found here.

Contact details for the relevant parties to make a claim are be found in Customer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document here and in the Summary Claims Process here


All employees of companies in the Specialist Leisure Group have been contacted separately by the Administrators.

Creditors and suppliers

The Administrators have contacted all known creditors of the Companies.

If you were a supplier to the Specialist Leisure Group, and you require further details in relation to the Administration, please direct your enquiries to the Administrators’ office by email at SLGAdministration@uk.ey.com.

Interested parties

The Administrators have now agreed a sale or sold the Specialist Leisure Group’s brand names and the two interchanges at Stretton & Normanton. The remaining assets to realise include the freehold of the Grand Hotel Exmouth and long leasehold of the Majestic Bournemouth Hotel. Please contact the Administrators at ShearingsAdministration@uk.ey.com if you are interested in acquiring these remaining assets.


For media enquiries please contact ShearingsPress@uk.ey.com.

Specialist Leisure Group Limited, Shearings Group Limited, Shearings Holidays Limited, Shearings Hotels Limited, Shearings Limited, National Holidays Tours Limited, National Holidays Limited, Wallace Arnold Travel Limited, UK Breakaways Limited (all in Administration) (together ‘the Companies’)
S J Woodward is licensed in the United Kingdom to act as an Insolvency Practitioner by The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and C P Dempster is licensed in the United Kingdom to act as Insolvency Practitioner by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland.
The affairs, business and property of the Companies are being managed by the Joint Administrators, S J Woodward and C P Dempster, who act as agents of the Companies only and without personal liability.
The Joint Administrators may act as data controllers of personal data as defined by the UK General Data Protection Regulation (as incorporated in the Data Protection Act 2018), depending upon the specific processing activities undertaken. Ernst & Young LLP and/or the Company may act as a data processor on the instructions of the Joint Administrators. Personal data will be kept secure and processed only for matters relating to the Joint Administrator’s appointment. The Office Holder Data Privacy Notice can be found at www.ey.com/uk/officeholderprivacy.