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17 Nov 2022 London, GB

Energy efficiency: positive news but access for households needs to be pragmatic, practical and easy

Rob Doepel, EY’s Managing Partner for Sustainability, UK & Ireland, comments

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Rob Doepel

EY UK&I Managing Partner for Sustainability; EY UK&I Climate Change and Sustainability Services Leader

Dedicated to driving a sustainable future. Enables organisations to thrive in a net zero economy. Born and raised in Australia.

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Rob Doepel, EY’s Managing Partner for Sustainability, UK & Ireland, comments:

“Any investment in energy efficiency is to be applauded. However, we have seen announcements to support and encourage home improvements for energy efficiency in the past, but many have unfortunately not made a material impact on the UK’s housing stock as intended. For the funding to have the desired effect – that encourages a significant number of UK households to take advantage – more thought and action on implementation is required. Today’s announcement must be followed up by a pragmatic, practical, and easy to access process for households to engage.

“Perhaps the single biggest challenge the world faces today is the climate crisis. Action and support to help address this and support the UK’s transition to net zero is needed today – so the £6bn available in this parliament to fund energy efficiency may need to be repurposed to be more effective.”