Preserving stakeholder value

Stakeholders are asked to respond quickly when businesses underperform or suffer liquidity shortfalls or value erosion. We help provide support in a rapidly changing environment when information is incomplete, agendas no longer align and confidence is reduced.

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What EY-Parthenon can do for you

To protect your position, maintain optionality and frame the best possible response, your stakeholders need:

  • "Fast Facts" to allow early identification and common understanding of the issues
  • Critical analysis and evaluation of the options available in the short to medium term
  • Open communication and engagement to reach agreement

How we can help

We work with all stakeholders to preserve, create and realise value through:

  • Restructuring advice: This is given on lender negotiations, covenant resets, recapitalisations, capital raising, debt for equity, distressed or accelerated M&A and other special situations, including in-court and out-of-court transactions.
  • Critical appraisal of a company’s ongoing viability: It includes independent business reviews, using advanced data analytics to determine the cause of underperformance and where value and cash is generated or lost, creating a common and reliable “fact pack” to help focus on issues rather than concern over information quality and transparency.
  • Stakeholder intermediation: When there are multiple external and internal stakeholders (including creditors, lenders, employees, unions, suppliers, customers, regulators and shareholders), they will have differing and sometimes conflicting priorities, as well as contractual rights. Bridging this gap, building trust and agreement around options is critical to stabilisation and securing a consensus.
  • Options analysis: Understanding the range and implications of the available options informs stakeholders on how to mitigate risk and preserve value in the time available.
  • Entity priority analysis: Through analysis of a group’s corporate, legal, financial and operational structure, together with jurisdictional implications, we help stakeholders fully understand how value would flow to different stakeholders from a going concern transaction through to a breakup. This provides the value break analysis under differing scenarios (including in-court and out-of-court) to inform decisions about ongoing exposure and investment.

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