Operations leaders’ agenda

In times of global business disruption, operations leaders should seize the opportunity to build enterprise resilience, drive transformation and reframe the future of their organizations.

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Five actions supply chain and operations management can take today

An increasing number of disruptions are stressing supply chains and impacting business performance. External pressures from stakeholders are also driving operations management and strategy leaders to seek supply chain solutions to help them become more resilient, sustainable, secure and transparent. Here are five actions to make the digital and autonomous supply chain a reality:

EY capabilities

Supply chain and operations

Based on your overarching strategy, we’ll help redefine your end-to-end supply chain and operations to support your enterprise objectives.

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Supply Chain Transformation

Consulting at EY can turn your supply chain transformation ambitions into reality through the power of people, technology and innovation. Find out more.

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Smart Factory

EY Smart Factory arms your shop floor with dynamic predictive data analytics, virtual reality and artificial intelligence to deliver unprecedented performance.

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Future of Supply Chain

EY research reveals the top challenges for supply chain leaders and organizations.

Case studies

Supply chain sustainability report

A survey of supply chain leaders shows the need for visibility on sustainability performance and a holistic business case to drive results.

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Our latest thinking

How a flexible supply chain raised the bar for the beverage industry

The client’s goal: better accommodate future growth, predict customer demands, and add agility to inventory and production lines. Learn how we did it.

06 May 2024 Craig Lyjak

Case study: Intelligent automation shifts a state agency into higher gear

In this case study, learn how a state agency used robotic process automation to serve its customers with speed and convenience.

14 Mar 2024

What strategic ops mean for your business

Many executives think of operations as a cost center. A 180-degree shift in thinking could lead to competitive advantage. Learn more.

08 Mar 2024 Lisa Caldwell

How generative AI is used in supply chains

A new whitepaper describes use cases, applications, and how to overcome roadblocks for generative AI programs in supply chain. Learn more.

01 Feb 2024 Sumit Dutta

Why supply chain cost reduction has become a boardroom discussion

A multitude of challenges are reshaping the way COOs think about their supply chains, with cost transformation and resiliency leading the way. Learn more.

09 Jan 2024 Regenia Sanders

How global supply chain strategy is changing and what comes next

A multitude of challenges are reshaping the way COOs think about their supply chains, with resiliency and cost transformation leading the way. Learn more.

01 Aug 2023 Sumit Dutta

How supply chains benefit from using generative AI

What was once unimaginable is now possible with generative AI in real-life scenarios throughout the entire supply chain. Learn more.

27 Jul 2023 Sumit Dutta + 1

The next big thing in EV production

Learn how EV companies are adapting and overcoming various manufacturing challenges, such as high costs, scalability and efficiency.

29 May 2023 Ashutosh Dekhne + 2

Why supply chains must move to technology-enabled ecosystems

To mitigate constant disruption, COOs are transitioning linear supply chains to a fully networked digital ecosystem. Read more.

09 May 2023 Sumit Dutta

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    Photographic portrait of Ashutosh R Dekhne

    Ashutosh R Dekhne
    EY Americas Supply Chain & Operations Field of Play Leader

    Photographic portrait of Sumit Dutta

    Sumit Dutta
    Principal, Supply Chain & Operations, Ernst & Young LLP

    Photographic portrait of Glenn A. Steinberg

    Glenn A. Steinberg
    EY Global Supply Chain and Operations Leader

    Photographic portrait of Regenia R. Sanders

    Regenia R. Sanders
    EY Consulting US-Central Supply Chain and Operations Leader

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    Rae-Anne Alves
    EY Americas ESG and Sustainability Supply Chain Leader

    Photographic portrait of Amy Brachio

    Amy Brachio
    EY Global Deputy Vice Chair, Sustainability

    Photographic portrait of Morgan Malone

    Morgan Malone
    Ernst & Young LLP Americas Consulting Supply Chain and Operations Principal

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