Photographic portrait of Ayoub Abielmona
Only by understanding the human side of digital transformation can we truly appreciate the groundbreaking implications of the digital economy, and the tools, strategies and mindset required to lead it.

Ayoub Abielmona

Senior Manager, Business Consulting, Ernst & Young LLP

Strong focus on navigating disruption to inspire innovation and uncover new business models. Passionate about emerging technologies in Web3.0 that define a new era of the internet.

Areas of focus Digital Customer
Office Richmond, US

Ayoub is a published author, whose seminal writing about the “speed of expectation” and its impact on the digital economy was published in Entrepreneur Magazine.

As Senior Manager in Business Consulting at Ernst & Young LLP, Ayoub brings in an ideal blend of technical and business skill set, helping to connect dots, build consensus, and drive execution. For more than 20 years, he has assisted executives in navigating emerging technologies to uncover new revenue streams, help resolve complex business challenges and activate digital innovations that drive long-term value.

Academically, Ayoub holds a BS in Computer Science and MS in the Management of IT from the University of Virginia, where he has served as an advisory board member. He earned two MicroMaster credentials in Digital Leadership and Digital Product Management from Boston University. 

How Ayoub is building a better working world

Ayoub is contributing to building a better working world by helping clients navigate emerging technology disruptions to uncover new ways of working and activate new business models that drive long-term value.

Leading the EY organization’s first metaverse engagement in the life sciences sector, Ayoub helped deliver a distinctive metaverse vision. He helped provide a platform to activate extended reality experiences that transform workplace interactions, enhance stakeholder satisfaction and drive innovation.

Ayoub is passionate about leading EY teams across the organization to help design and develop the next evolution of the internet. He fulfils this by building three-dimensional experiences that are immersive, engaging, persistent, and transformational for clients and stakeholders.

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