Metaverse and Web3

Accelerate your metaverse and Web3 strategy with EY capabilities

With a market estimated to reach $800 billion in two years, the metaverse has the power to transform all industries. Organizations that address the innovation potential now will be well positioned to harness the opportunities that it will unleash.

EY has been rated a Horizon 3 – Market Leader in Metaverse services providers. HFS defines the term “metaverse” as any virtual space or augmented reality in which users interact with digitally generated or enhanced environments and other users, often via digital versions of themselves. Please download the report to read more.

What does it take to build a virtual world?

Designing a meaningful metaverse experience is no small feat. Since June 2021, the EY Cognitive Human Enterprise team has been building a virtual world. The team’s aim is to apply the full diversity of human imagination to make a virtual world as welcoming, authentic and intuitive as possible.

Taking an innovative approach, the team launched an artist-in-residence program and made it a key part of its metaverse design practice. Meet our artists-in-residence by exploring the videos below.

Meet the artists creating innovative metaverse experiences

Josie Williams

How can we combine AI and the metaverse to better society? Josie Williams, EY Artist-in-Residence, speaks with Domhnaill Hernon, EY Global Lead Cognitive Human Enterprise.

Kate Machtiger

How do we create better human experiences in the metaverse? Meet EY Artist-in-Residence Kate Machtiger.

Eva Davidova 

How can we transmit elements of ourselves in new ways in the metaverse? EY Artist-in-Residence Eva Davidova shares a glimpse of what it takes to create an authentic metaverse experience.

EY metaverse solutions across industries

As the metaverse powers new opportunities, business leaders are developing robust strategies across payments, experiences, supply chain and more.

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Today's business insights

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