As the metaverse powers new opportunities, business leaders are developing robust strategies across payments, experiences, supply chain and more.

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With a market estimated to reach $800 billion in two years, the metaverse has the power to transform all industries. Organizations that address the innovation potential now will be well positioned to harness the opportunities that it will unleash.

As this next frontier of human experience unfolds, enterprises need to start preparing themselves by asking the right questions.

Accelerate your metaverse strategy with EY capabilities

  • Strategy

    From IP tokenization to financial modeling, customer engagement and much more, our strategic insights around the metaverse will help you drive purposeful innovation at scale to uncover opportunities and communities across target market segments.

  • Technology roadmap and execution

    With deep knowledge across such areas as data analytics, blockchain, AI and smart contracts, we help business leaders leverage the latest technology solutions to accelerate their journey from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0.

  • Risk-savvy operating models

    We help our clients enter the metaverse with resiliency and risk mitigation at the forefront, bringing leading capabilities in future operating model design, identity management, cybersecurity, tax and accounting, legal, regulatory and governance matters, current-state risk management and more.

  • Future of human experience

    As the metaverse continues to transform engagement, our professionals provide deep insights on generational behaviors, customer journeys (including orchestration around marketing, sales and service), employee and talent ecosystems, and seamless physical and digital experiences.

  • Secure and frictionless payments

    Our payments professionals bring significant experience around the accounting implications of digital payments in the metaverse, including leading knowledge in e-commerce, currency compatibility, royalties and enablement of financial institutions with tokenized funds.

  • Decentralized supply chain

    We bring fit-for-purpose supply chain transformation capabilities to help our clients stand up digital twins for manufacturing and maintenance, blockchain-enabled supplier diversification, logistics simulation and “trustless” supply chain processes.

  • Ecosystem distribution models

    EY teams also advise business leaders on establishing networks of creators, producers and orchestrators in the metaverse; developing blockchain- and smart contract-enabled distribution and consumption models; and building public-private partnerships that drive value.

Breaking down the digital divide in the metaverse 


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Find out more about what metaverse means for business.

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