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Building a better Medicaid

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State Medicaid agencies are at a crossroads. Modularity, interoperability and social determinants of health are forcing state Medicaid agencies (SMAs) to rethink their procurement strategies and systems integration (SI) platform needs. The choice is layered and complicated: Does the agency dedicate time and resources to overhaul existing legacy systems, programs and processes, or should the agency embrace the opportunity to build new services from the ground up into people-focused and data-driven technological solutions leading to better, more efficient outcomes?

Transformation is embedded into the architecture of every Medicaid program that is striving for more effective ways to improve processes for the people they serve. Large-scale change is not easy, but with the right support, agencies can work toward a future in Medicaid centered around the user experience to create a dynamic health care environment across every transformation initiative.

Ernst & Young LLP (EY US) is a pioneer in services for Medicaid Enterprise System modularity, providing a modern modular integration platform solution. We support some of the country’s largest Medicaid programs in SI and planning activities by helping them realize their transformation objectives and improve their programs and systems. We work alongside clients through their transformation journeys, from planning to execution.

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Smart compliance for Medicaid

Helping state Medicaid agencies make smart compliance decisions while securing maximum federal support.

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    Christopher Deelsnyder
    Ernst & Young LLP US State, Local & Education Market | Health & Human Services leader

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    Frank W Berry
    Managing Director, Government and Public Sector, Ernst & Young LLP

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    Suzanne Vitale
    Principal, US State, Local & Education Markets, Ernst & Young LLP

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    Andrea Danes
    EY Global Human Services Leader

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    Alex Grodner
    Senior Manager, Technology Consulting, Ernst & Young LLP

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    Tony Franklin
    Managing Director, Technology Consulting, Ernst & Young LLP

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