Modeling is core to today’s financial services. From capital ratios to fighting financial crime, from underwriting decision to product placement and pricing, modeling allows firms to make informed, data-based decisions.

Data, analytics, and predictive models pervade the value chains of financial services entities.


A step up in model management is necessary. Given the increased volume of models, automation is key.

The growing use of AI and machine learning poses an even greater need for robust model governance as it increases value from models, but also introduces additional risk and complexity.

As the industry looks to more and more digitization and automation, correspondingly more models are developed across different units, and it becomes ever more crucial to define robust end-to-end processes, to reduce organizational redundancies and foster consistent model governance at entity and group levels.

Historically, the development of models has often been reactive, lacking integrated governance and standardization.

Globally, regulators are raising the bar on every aspect of modeling. The reputational and financial penalties of failure are potentially significant.

Building on our vision for model management of the future, the EY Model Management Platform (EY MMP) is a testimonial of EY engagement in shaping the industry solution for the management of models across their life cycle.


Putting you in control, our cloud-based platform allows sustainable, effective and scalable model management. EY MMP brings everything together, operationalized in one place.

Using EY model development, governance, management and advanced analytics knowledge, EY MMP implementation allows firms to benefit from financial services leading practice and align to regulatory expectations.

EY MMP also helps enable model owners to operate more efficiently, bring models to-market faster and make better-informed choices around resourcing.

The current governance and efficiency gap around modeling needs to be closed, quickly.

EY MMP is fully modular and customizable, allowing you to start implementing where the value is best for you, and to stop where you decide. 

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