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We deliver a comprehensive suite of solutions at a portfolio or enterprise scale that drive “healthy building” transformations. In addition, as a WELL Enterprise Provider (EP), we help companies achieve their long-term goals for wellness in the built environment, including related ambitions around ESG, sustainability, cultural shifts, digital enablement and more.

EY Among First to Receive International WELL Building Institute’s WELL Enterprise Provider Designation, Furthering its Workplace Reimagined Solutions

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WELL consulting services - for the built environment

The pandemic has accelerated the focus on health and wellness in the built environment. As leading organizations continue to prioritize the health and safety of their employees, students, patients and clients, we help drive healthy building transformations. Our WELL consulting services team uses data-driven insights to help develop a myriad of solutions, from sustainability to building design and operations. We will help you develop innovative, people-first strategies that support the expanding importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters; digital enablement; cultural shifts and overall sustainability goals. We also offer post-implementation support to help our clients maintain continuity of operations, providing significant value with the right long-term strategies in place.

We’re among the first companies to achieve the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) WELL Enterprise Provider designation. The IWBI created the WELL certifications, ratings and enterprise portfolio options to help establish industry standards for healthy buildings and build trust around building health and safety among communities and building occupants. With a 10-concept framework that includes areas such as thermal comfort and air quality, this approach to wellness in the built environment is an essential part of return-to-office planning and the future of work in general. We can help you achieve WELL health-safety ratings, certifications or a reportable ESG portfolio score. Additionally, our services can range from performing a current state assessment of wellness accommodations at one location to examining your enterprise portfolio from a holistic viewpoint and developing a long-term strategic road map. 

As a global leader in real estate consulting, we bring broad capabilities and can leverage highly experienced professionals across geographies and focus areas such as sustainability, workforce and technology. With extensive business transformation experience and diverse skill sets in engineering, architecture, digital real estate deployment and more, the EY team provides a strategic approach to wellness solutions that helps minimize risk, improve occupant well-being, boost organizational performance and drive sustained growth. Benefits of investing in a healthy workplace include attracting and retaining talent, clients and investors; boosting productivity and reducing absenteeism; gaining brand equity as a corporate responsibility leader; driving health, building and operational cost efficiencies and reductions and mitigating health, safety and related risks.

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