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Organizations have been forced to rethink how they operate, work and collaborate in today’s environment. Work is changing at an exponential rate, with trends toward digital transformation accelerating and technology becoming more accessible.

Considerations for business leaders

  • How do you provide a safe, healthy and effective workplace environment, leveraging digital workplace technology to support employee productivity and well-being?
  • How can you enhance collaboration and culture in a hybrid work environment, utilizing an experience-focused workplace design and leading-edge digital workplace technology?
  • How do you leverage technology to reduce your carbon footprint and achieve sustainability targets, while keeping up with changing requirements and marketplace expectations?
  • How can you leverage workforce and workplace data to best capture the value and return on investment (ROI) of the smart technologies that you deploy across your real estate assets?
of landlords plan to increase investment in workplace technology to enhance end-user experience.
of business processes and systems will incorporate some element of the internet of things (IoT) by the end of the 2020s.
of US occupiers have achieved or plan to acheve voluntary green building certification.

How the EY Workplace Insight team can help

Technology is at the center of the EY Workplace Insight service offering, which helps organizations harness value from data and digital workplace technology to address complex issues, achieve business objectives and build a sustainable competitive advantage.

Workplace insight driver

Our team can help you select, implement and leverage advanced technology solutions to bring together people and places.

1. Operational efficiency:

Improve cost efficiencies and workplace utilization by leveraging technology to align strategy, occupancy and operations

2. Health, safety and well-being: 

Advance positive physical, mental and social well-being of occupants in the workplace and buildings using IoT technology solutions and advanced analytics; provide a safe and secure physical environment

3. Sustainability:

Accelerate carbon reduction and energy goals by deploying smart technology to understand building performance and automating real-time energy usage analysis

4. Human experience:

Drive improved collaboration and culture by supporting effective hybrid work/workplace models and providing for an enhanced, technology-enabled workplace experience

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