Grants and Relief Funds Management solution

We orchestrate the seamless and efficient delivery of grants and relief funds, distributing quickly and securely, maximizing impact, minimizing risk and providing transparency to narrow the gap between policy and impact.

The global challenge

The demand for coordinated public action to address both global and local challenges is greater and more urgent than ever. Vital grants and relief funds must reach intended recipients quickly and securely, with minimal fraud and error, maximum impact and full transparency. ​​

Solution benefits

We designed the EY Grants and Relief Funds Management solution to help governments and international organizations narrow the gap between policy and impact. The key principles for successful grants and relief funds management are:

  • Designed for users: Improving access to hard-to-reach people in hard-to-reach places, acting quickly to address new challenges, and reducing both complexity and manual burden for grantors and recipients
  • Focused on outcomes: Designed for impact by aggregating data across programs, reporting transparently, and informing design and policy with finance and risk experience
  • Ready for complexity: Risk and fraud management through robust, AI-powered controls, capacity building, and tracking of trends to stay ahead of what comes next
  • Powered by technology: Rapid configuration of new programs, using data to improve targeting and cross-program impact, automating compliance and monitoring to focus on driving impact, and quickly scaling through the cloud

Solution features & functionality

Our people are experienced professionals who understand the public sector and are driven by a purpose to improve outcomes for governments, citizens and communities. Our solution enables the seamless orchestration and governance of grants and relief funds. The core pillars of our offering are:

  • Governance compliance and transparency: Oversight and orchestration of funds disbursement with complete transparency, robust control and rigorous assurance.
  • Strategy and capability building: Strategic advice and capability building to maximize impact and build a foundation for sustainable success
  • Operational delivery: Effective and efficient end-to-end processing of grant and relief fund programs
  • Technology enablement: Rapidly configurable, leading technology platform
grants and relief funds management solution

Why EY

We work with governments to improve the lives of the people and communities they serve. Our award-winning solution combines leading economic and financial policy design, compliance management, fraud detection, cybersecurity, risk and program management to improve grant and relief programs.

EY Grants Accelerator

Connect policy with impact using an efficient grants management platform (via US).

Narrowing the gap between policy intent and impact

In an increasingly interconnected world, we must think differently and act collectively to address global challenges.