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EY Grants Accelerator grants management solution

Deliver community impact with an efficient grants management platform

EYGA is now listed on the FedRAMP marketplace and scheduled to receive FedRAMP authorization in 2024.

Streamline your grants journey with EY Grants Accelerator

During the COVID-19 pandemic, governments worldwide released hundreds of billions of dollars in grant funds, and existing grants management systems collapsed under this systemic strain.

Grants support critical recovery initiatives, innovative research, and programs for public services and economic stimulus. Grant funding typically comes with heavy oversight, which has traditionally required a substantial, expensive manual burden. No longer — with the help of the EY Grants Accelerator (EYGA) standard grants framework, we can immediately support your grants journey from pre-award through post-award stages.

Funds disbursed
$2 billion
for small businesses, individuals, tenants and landlords, utility providers, medical providers, and early learning and childcare providers

Along with technology challenges, the changing rules, audit concerns, procurement challenges and overstretched staff have constrained governments’ ability to deliver relief to the right people at the right time in a way that is fast, straightforward and modern. EYGA is our solution to that problem.

Powered by Microsoft and born in the cloud, EYGA combines leading-class economic and financial policy design, fraud detection, cybersecurity, risk and program management, and digital product development knowledge to deliver a rapidly deployable integrated solution for managing the end-to-end grants management process. 

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