EY Grants Accelerator

The EY Grants Accelerator (EYGA), built on the Microsoft Power Platform, delivers a lightweight grants management solution. EYGA helps governments distribute funding efficiently to beneficiaries using a seamless and transparent workflow.

What EY can do for you

Deploying large-scale fiscal stimulus programs pose various challenges as they are complex and prone to a variety of risks. Government entities are under strain to maximize available funding, implement controls to minimize risks and maintain compliance, and target the right beneficiaries to ensure payments quickly reach those who need it most. The COVID-19 pandemic only underscored the need for a transformative solution that put citizens at the center, to innovate at scale, and implement with speed to meet the urgency of the moment. We created EY Grants Accelerator (EYGA) as a flexible and scalable solution to overcome these challenges. 

EY Grants Accelerator (EYGA)

EYGA is built on the Microsoft Power Platform and improves efficiency and effectively manages the flow of financial stimulus funding to beneficiaries. Together, EY and Microsoft bring world-class economic and financial policy design, fraud detection, cyber security, risk and program management, and digital product development experience to deliver a rapidly deployable, integrated solution for managing the relief process end-to-end.

Our depth in the Microsoft Power Platform allows us to respond quickly to challenges under any circumstance, and the challenges presented by the pandemic were no different. The greatest difference is how passionately our team responded to meeting the need – knowing that the benefit of what we were doing directly affects the communities where we live.
Aaron Robinson
Managing Director, Ernst & Young LLP – EY US Dynamics & Power Platform Leader

How EYGA works

EYGA’s public-facing web portal, built using Microsoft Power Apps, is an intuitive and modern user interface that allows residents to apply and access their granted funds.

The program administrator workspace includes Microsoft Dynamics 365 to secure sensitive application data and provide near-real-time reporting and application status tracking. Data connectors with external sources automate portions of the application review process and simplify data validation. Applicants can use the public-facing web portal to seamlessly communicate with the application processing team to resolve any issues.

Program administrators use EYGA’s dashboards built with Power BI to monitor and track program progress and performance, along with full transparency to view and manage funding requests. The near real-time reporting shows the overview of funds received, program funding allocation, number of applications, current status and payments made.

Meanwhile, our team monitors emerging legislation and provides proactive updates on potential funding program changes beyond initial application timelines. Despite a stream of ongoing changes, Microsoft Power Platform enables us to adapt and quickly incorporate updates into EYGA continuously.

Grants accelerator screens

An aggressive solution activation and deployment schedule is vital for the success of the entire program. Combined with our service integration and Microsoft’s flexible platform, government entities can quickly respond to the crisis and distribute relief funds. Typical grants management systems take months to deploy; EYGA can be deployed in weeks.

We have further evolved the EYGA product to meet the needs of now, next and beyond, including Vaccine management and Rental Assistance programs.  

EYGA can help:

1. Maximize available funding

Identify potential funding sources across the government and select applicable relief programs and policies.

2. Minimize risk

Manage and mitigate risk while maintaining compliance with program rules and regulations. Work to avoid the clawback of allocated dollars while supporting auditability and lookback reviews.

3. Target the right beneficiaries

Responsibly steward allocated funds and disburse payments based upon appropriate due diligence. Get the funds into the hands of those in need as soon as possible, monitoring outcomes.

For government officials and program administrators, this means avoiding administrative failures, negative press coverage and reputational damage caused by assistance delays experienced by others.

For residents, this means an easy application process and visibility of their applications from beginning to end. Most importantly, it means receiving much-needed relief and assistance to continue their lives amidst the “new normal.”

Supported distribution of over


in financial recovery funds for small business assistance, individual housing and assistance, and medical provider assistance.