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While cryptocurrency is a decade old, tax guidance is just catching up. Discover how EY professionals can help you meet compliance obligations and develop a tax approach for digital currencies that will serve you well into the future.

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Figuring the tax on US$2 trillion+¹

With EY professionals, tax leaders can trade uncertainty for acumen, preparing their Tax function – as well as their broader business – for the evolving world of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is gaining wider adoption. Whether it’s novel or well-known to your organization, digital assets demand your immediate attention.

The global market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies has at times reached levels equivalent to the eighth largest global economy² by GDP. And it’s only growing. What needs to grow alongside that figure is tax leaders’ understanding of digital asset tax implications.

The highest global 24-hour trading volume in April 2022 was
$144 billion
according to Coin Market Cap.

Individuals and investors, brokers and businesses alike need to go beyond trading and using digital assets. When it comes to crypto, you must:

  • Understand what triggers taxable events
  • Track all transactions
  • Develop a tax approach

Tax compliance in cryptocurrency

In the new compliance landscape of digital assets, there’s a new set of rules.

Our tax professionals offer an informed, experienced perspective throughout the entire tax process that can help you understand these and future rules while positioning your organization for success. With a unique combination of understanding and insight, we can help your tax leader simplify crypto tax complications and eliminate surprises.

But it’s not only about experience, technology, infrastructure and global reach – it’s about knowing the crypto ecosystem and having a clear commitment and strategy. That’s what EY professionals have to offer.

Our latest thinking

Crypto and digital asset information reporting

Newly released proposed regulations would expand Form 1099 reporting requirements.

27 Sep 2023 | 07:30 your local time

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