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In these challenging times, Americas Tax Policy at Ernst & Young LLP is a one-stop resource for tax reform, policy and legislation. We can help organizations track and assess tax policy and reform issues affecting their businesses.

What EY can do for you

Our leaders, many of whom have held senior positions at the US Treasury Department, the Internal Revenue Service and on Capitol Hill, provide forward-looking views on today’s most important tax policy and fiscal issues. We can help businesses track and assess tax policy and reform developments, providing services that range from monitoring legislation and strategic planning to representation and economic modeling. 

Why Ernst & Young LLP

We understand how tax policy works. This knowledge allows us to offer a range of services that can help businesses stay ahead of potential tax changes, better manage tax risk and understand tax trends that may affect future investment and business decisions.

Tax policy services

  • Track

    • Monitor legislation and regulations, offering both general and issue-specific monitoring options
    • Provide regular updates on legislative and regulatory activity
    • Develop policy and technical support on tax proposals
    • Draft advocacy materials
  • Engage

    • Lobby on single or multiple issues 
    • Provide representation before policymakers 
    • Collaborate with other interested parties and trade groups 
    • Develop and manage coalitions 
    • Help companies explain their tax strategies and position
  • Assess

    • Model a proposal’s industry effects
    • Provide revenue estimates 
    • Demonstrate a company’s total tax contribution 
    • Analyze a proposal’s economic impact 
    • Assess tax planning and compliance implications of proposed changes 
    • Develop educational materials for use with stakeholders, the C-suite and policymakers

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