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Women. Fast forward is the EY global platform that engages our people, our clients and our communities to advance gender equality.

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At EY we are creating an inclusive culture to enable women’s potential to truly transform society, build a better working world and uplift social equity.

Women. Fast forward, seeks to empower a diverse workforce by enabling women and girls to reach their potential through education, mentorship, innovation and entrepreneurial opportunities. Creating a workforce that will support the closing of the gender gap and nurture an equitable environment.

The time is now to act to create a world that is equitable for all.

To do this we are focused on three distinct areas:

  • Women entrepreneurs
  • Women in leadership
  • Next Gen

Women make up half of the world’s population. How can we all ensure they are included in every conversation, decision and solution to get to new and better answers?

We believe that small actions really do make a difference, as each of us can, in turn, inspire others to act. Today and every day – don’t wait. Join us and let’s progress #WomenFastforward.

It will take another
years to close the gender gap.

Our latest thinking

    Our latest thinking

      Our latest thinking

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