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    Order printed copies of FRDs and the SEC financial reporting series

    Printed copies of select Financial Reporting Developments and the SEC financial reporting series documents are available. Place your order now.

    Our commitment to audit quality

    As independent auditors, we have an important responsibility. This report provides an understanding of how we conduct high-quality audits and what we are doing to continuously improve audit quality.

    Survey reveals how boards are governing disruptive technology

    This report presents five key findings of a survey of 365 corporate board directors on the topic of disruptive technologies.

    Redefining and communicating long-term value

    This report highlights how several market-driven and regulatory initiatives illustrate a shift to a longer-term, broader perspective of value.

    Five ways to enhance board oversight of culture

    This report presents five ways that boards can govern culture and support management in realizing culture’s value.

    Board Matters Quarterly - April 2019

    Highlights material recently published by the EY Center for Board Matters.

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