Process Mining

Process Mining allows organizations to discover, analyze and improve their business processes. It reconnects information systems and business processes together and provides objective, data driven information to help address the process issues organizations face.

Process mining a silver bullet for Audit and Compliance [infographic]

Process Mining

Organizations cannot transform and scale without understanding what processes need to change first. An understanding of the underlying processes is key to a successful digital transformation roadmap and execution. This is where process mining comes in – it helps by providing a visualization and analysis of the processes, based on factual data. Learn how organizations can reap the benefits of process transparency.

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What EY can do

Discrepancy between business processes and enterprise information systems can lead to misalignment in process functionality and increase organizational challenges. This can include a lack of transparency into business process execution, difficulty identifying non-compliance items that lead to poor process outcomes, manual process discovery, challenging automation and a lack of understanding all risks. Our process mining solution mitigates these challenges and is applicable across a wide range of use cases, such as intelligent automation, operational excellence, shared services centre and internal audit.

Through an assumption-free approach, process mining can help capture information from enterprise systems and provide data driven information about how key processes are performed. This enables organizations to address, prioritize and fix issues. By leveraging data and event logs from your underlying systems, processes are reconstructed and visualized based on the reality of how work is being executed. Process mining offers full transparency and delivers insights based on factual evidence. To improve measures, the solution enables process evaluation and compares the process against industry benchmarks, offering a competitive view. It also leverages automated intelligence and machine learning to proactively suggest “next-best” steps to achieve business outcomes.

How EY can help

Our Process Mining solution uses specialized data mining algorithms that are applied to event log data generated by IT systems to identify trends and patterns, and generate a complete process visualization. Some ways we help our clients include:

Proof of concept

  • Quick prototyping to showcase potential of process mining
  • Hands-on workshops with our process mining experts
  • Insights on process optimization

Process value realization

  • Deep dive analytics to identify root causes of every process variation
  • Optimize processes by removing friction and fix inefficiencies
  • Leveraging appropriate emerging technologies to increase automation

Process transformation office

  • Monitor performance for continuous improvement and process transparency
  • Setting up dedication governance to ensure process excellence
  • Comprehensive training to ensure adoption of best practices

When Process Mining is applied, full data coverage is visible to organizations to demonstrate where process improvements can be implemented between the business and information systems. Detecting these unusual and long-term paths unfolds inefficiencies that would otherwise have remained hidden.

Key benefits

Identifying clear process maps based on real time data promotes transparent workflows and quick diagnoses.

  • Process understanding: Data driven, unbiased, in-depth understanding of the business process, significant time savings
  • Process transparency: Compliance verification capabilities, gap analysis and fraud prevention
  • System exploration: Automated discovery of process models, exceptions and customer journey interactions
  • Quality control: Identification of internal breaches and control violations, 100% audit coverage with improved quality
  • Automation identification: Identification of process improvement, standardization and automation opportunities
  • Cross-function teaming: Leads to effective cooperation between Business and IT
  • System transformation: Process mining can help accelerate and de-risk system transformation initiatives

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