Why tech leaders need to get ready for quantum

In this episode, part of EY’s Quantum Intersection series, Megan Wright, Senior Editor at Longitude, discusses with leading practitioners why UK businesses need to get ready for quantum.

How distant is the quantum future for UK businesses?

A new study conducted by EY finds that 48% of business executives believe quantum will play a significant role in their industry by 2025.

For leaders, the message is clear, according to Philip Intallura, Global Business Lead for Quantum Computing at HSBC. “Quantum computing is real and it's transitioning from scientific-laboratory curiosity to technical reality — and that's happening right now,” he says.

“Rather than think about when quantum computing will become commercially viable,” he adds, “I prefer to think about when we will be organisationally ready for when quantum computing becomes commercially viable.”

So, what is the potential of quantum computing? And how are businesses preparing today for it?

In this episode, Megan Wright, Senior Editor at Longitude, discusses the UK’s quantum future with Philip Intallura and two other thought leaders:

Together, their insights illustrate the opportunities and challenges of quantum computing — and what UK businesses can learn from the early adopters that are leading the way.

Topics discussed:

  • Quantum computing and its potential applications
  • What businesses are doing now to prepare for quantum computing
  • The challenges faced by businesses wanting to use quantum technologies, especially relating to the talent and skills needed
  • The importance of ethics and wider governance of quantum computing


Portrait of megan wright
Megan Wright
Senior Editor, Longitude


Duration 22m 21s