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Organisations are redesigning their work models to increase flexibility. EY Flex Index can help you define the business case for flexible work by identifying structural and informal barriers to flexibility and supporting job re-design.

What EY can do for you

Even before the pandemic changed our perspective on remote working, firms were looking at more resilient working models. But shifting perspectives on the potential for flexibility was slow. The world has changed, and employers and employees need to engage in a dialogue on how flexibility can improve productivity and resilience whilst addressing individual needs. Demonstrating the benefits of flexible work is an effective way to build momentum and shift to new ways of thinking about work.

There are a number of structural and cultural barriers preventing organisations from adopting flexible work models today. These may include:

Structural barriers

Cultural barriers

Restrictive policies

Lack of trust

Lack of enabling infrastructure

Culture of Presenteeism

Customer requirements

Misconceptions about what flexible work is

We help to identify your organisation’s structural and cultural barriers to flexibility and help define the business case of where your organisation can implement more flexible work models. We use innovative thinking, proprietary technology tools and Human Centred Design to help you determine which roles are best suited for flexible working.

Implementing a more flexible employment model can:

  • Positively impact employee productivity, engagement levels, teaming and wellbeing
  • Enable diverse leadership and increase representation across diverse groups
  • Build business resilience and reduces costs from turnover, sick days and emergency leave
  • Enhance your brand and reputation
  • Reduce costs

How EY Flex Index works

  1. Your employees are invited to complete a short survey on how they work today.
  2. Survey responses are analysed to determine the potential for increasing flexibility in where, when and how people work.
  3. You are provided with an insights dashboard and business case to inform decisions on which roles to prioritise for new job design.

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