Growth and marketing leaders’ agenda

Anticipate and deliver what customers need through frictionless, data-driven experiences.

Top issues facing marketing and growth leaders today

Companies have a new mandate around the customer journey and rapid acceleration of digital transformation. You need the right growth strategy and customer experience now, next and beyond. Three issues are challenging today’s CMOs:

EY capabilities

Commercial excellence services

EY Commercial excellence supports organizations to create and implement customer-centric growth strategies and improve their marketing, sales and service operations. EY teams help you boost profitability and accelerate sustainable value creation through the right balance of people, technology and innovation.

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Customer experience

Generate long-term value and help deliver CX that improves customer engagement, traffic and revenue at lower costs with help from EY teams.

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Product and Service Innovation consulting services

Innovate desirable, viable, feasible and allowable products and services for your company’s key customer segments with help from EY teams.

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Loyalty program services

Loyalty is no longer just about transactions, it’s about forging deep emotional connections with customers, building enduring relationships and fueling sustainable growth. The EY approach goes beyond traditional points and rewards and focuses on transforming connections and driving meaningful engagement.

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Marketplace model services

EY teams help organizations identify opportunities to create, realize and scale value through marketplace models and design experiences focused on mutually beneficial transactions for all participants.

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Case studies

Our insights

Forbes CMO Summit: How marketing leaders are preparing for impacts of GenAI

Watch this video series highlighting how marketing leaders are approaching generative AI.

05 Feb 2024

Accelerating customer loyalty: leveraging trust, technology and data

Learn how companies can gain customer loyalty and trust through data insights.

30 Nov 2023 Patricia Camden + 1

How telecom retail can navigate its evolution to meet customer needs

Telecommunications retailers can do a few things to address the business imperative of meeting changing customer needs as the industry evolves. Read more.

17 Nov 2023 Patricia Camden

7 ways to unleash value and drive growth from your MarTech and teams

Drive growth and value from your existing MarTech with these 7 considerations. Learn more.

12 Sep 2023 Steven Bailey

Zero-party: The next frontier in consumer data

Zero-party data helps businesses get the information they need to enhance the customer experience while respecting consumers’ privacy rights. Read more.

04 Aug 2023 John Dubois + 1

How businesses can stay ahead of emerging tech

Learn about emerging tech and generative AI use cases, plus strategies to make customer experiences more personalized. Watch now.

14 Jun 2023 John Dubois


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