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Top issues facing marketing and growth leaders today

Companies have a new mandate around the customer journey and rapid acceleration of digital transformation. You need the right growth strategy and customer experience now, next and beyond. Three issues are challenging today’s CMOs:

eBook: Fueling growth through innovation and human-centered experiences




As the Metaverse unfolds, enterprises need to start preparing themselves by asking the right questions. Read more on customer journeys, employee and talent ecosystems and seamless physical and digital experiences.

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hands cut a piece of cheese

Case study: How to launch a sustainable direct-to-consumer business in no time

The Innovation and Experience Design practice at EY helped a co-op find a market niche and co-create a thriving new business in six months.

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Woman using mobile phone while waiting for electric car to charge

Case study: An energy company’s transformation for the 21st-century customer

Xcel Energy is optimizing energy use by putting the power in its customers’ hands – and homes.

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