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Learn why the CIO is the unlikely leader of your ESG strategy.

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The renewed urgency of sustainability mandates has leaders scrambling, wondering where to start, what to measure and how to get the environmental, social and governance (ESG) data they need. An unlikely figure has emerged from the C-suite as pivotal to these efforts: the CIO.

Traditionally filling a supporting role, CIOs rose to newfound prominence during the pandemic. As a result, IT now underpins nearly all lines of business and CIOs stand at the crossroads of drafting and implementing ESG strategies for their entire organization.

Leveraging ESG data to empower consumers to reduce their energy consumption

In today’s environment, companies can’t go at sustainability alone. They need to bring together all their stakeholders, including their customers. As the amount of customer data exploded, EY helped build the infrastructure and move to the cloud to be able to handle that data and turn it into information and insights to better serve the customer.

Advancing client ESG initiatives with new technologies


How a digital ledger helped one plastics company champion circularity

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14 Mar 2023 | Glenn Steinberg


An energy company’s transformation for the 21st-century customer

Learn how Xcel Energy is building trusted relationships with customers and helping lead the energy transition through innovative products and services.

28 Oct 2022 | Minsoo Pak

EY latest thinking

Global economic outlook: finding balance in 2024

The 2024 global economic outlook includes a search for equilibrium amid lingering turbulence and volatility as policymakers try to maintain a soft landing.

How can the CIO solve the E+S+G equation?

This report discusses the intersection of ESG and the IT organization. CIOs and new technologies can help companies unlock value from ESG data.

How sustainability and ESG went from a trend to mission critical

Explore the new EY survey highlighting executive leader views on the continued importance of sustainability and ESG practices.

4 ways TMT industry companies can build a sustainable supply chain

For technology, media and entertainment, and telecommunications (TMT) and other companies, implementing changes has been challenging.

EY Sustainable Finance Index 2022: How to put ESG back on track

Financial institutions are reaffirming their commitment to ESG and sustainability. Progress is being made, but more action needs to be taken. Learn more.

Why it’s important to make the metaverse an enabler of sustainability

Business leaders can re-architect around the metaverse and design a sustainable work experience to help humans and the environment prosper. Learn more.

What are the business considerations for ESG reporting?

Organizations must design a framework that will support both their ESG ambitions and reporting.

How the energy sector can extract value from emissions data

Fueled by human collaboration and the latest technology, we helped one company find opportunity in sustainability. Learn more in this case study.

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