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How can the CIO solve the E+S+G equation?

Turning ESG data into a competitive advantage. Read the full report.

IT leaders, such as the CIO, have a unique opportunity to help their companies unlock new value from sustainability and ESG data. While ESG data requirements are still evolving, the expectation is that companies will be able to provide investors with climate-related reports and other nonfinancial performance data.

As expectations grow, IT’s role will expand to not only collect and manage data for external reporting but also to drive operational changes within the organization by providing the tools, software, processes and technology to address these factors.

This report discusses the intersection of ESG and the IT organization through the following:

New technology solutions are emerging to help organizations drive value across their sustainability and ESG agendas.

Download the full report to learn more about technologies that enable organizations to take an enterprise-wide approach to sustainability and ESG, accelerate operational decarbonization and establish trust and transparency in data to influence key reporting. Examining all issues from a sustainability perspective helps the organization put ESG and data collection at the center of focus, rather than an afterthought. This lets companies present a clear and structured sustainability narrative for the long run, gaining buy-in from key stakeholders along the way.

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