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EY offers an experienced, multi-disciplinary team that is prepared to assist you in driving toward business opportunity while recognizing the potential risks of not following a thoughtful, informed approach. Our team draws on best practices from serving both traditional financial services firms (across all sectors) and the emerging, digital natives.













What EY Crypto & Digital Assets team can do for you

New approaches and technology have accelerated innovation in traditional finance, impacting the way we think about transacting in the digital world.

EY has been anticipating these changes and our investments place us at the forefront of the industry. Our team provides pragmatic, forward thinking, multidisciplinary guidance as firms consider their own individual strategies.

The time is now for measured action

There is an imperative to understand both the impact and potential opportunities presented by this transformation and design a roadmap to new business models. Rather than act hastily driven by hype, firms developing a strategy must consider the risk tolerance and regulatory overlay.

Building a robust, secure, digital asset ecosystem

Whether you your focus is simply to offer customer access to cryptocurrency markets, or you aspire to lead the industry through alternative cypto exchange services, EY remains your partner to help guide strategy and support your transformation.

Digital Asset

A representation of value that can be stored or transmitted electronically

EY capabilities across the crypto and digital assets ecosystem

EY’s specialized and multidisciplinary teams offer unmatched experience across the full spectrum of business and technology. Whether its advising on strategy, guiding the buildout of custody solutions, or supporting the development and implementation of blockchain technology, we remain on the forefront in providing critical insights informed by lessons learned. We help our clients anticipate challenges and see around corners to prepare to the next major wave of innovation.

  • 1,000+ blockchain specialists around the globe
  • Filed 17 patents in encryption and solution design
  • Smart contract testing tools
  • In house node infrastructure
  • Over 1000 client engagements delivered to date

Market-leading blockchain analysis and management solutions

EY Blockchain Analyzer

Smart Contract & Token Review

As part of our blockchain platform, the Smart Contract & Token Review solution allows users to customize tests and reports, identify vulnerabilities, and mitigate risks in the token deployment process and the code underlying of smart contracts.

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EY Blockchain Analyzer

Tax Calculator

As part of the EY Blockchain platform, Tax Calculator is a web-based solution where individuals can easily calculate capital gains/losses from trading cryptocurrencies and produce US tax Form 8949.

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EY OpsChain

Contract Manager

Our blockchain platform can help transform the business lifecycle for digital ecosystems, while promoting trust, transparency and efficiency.

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EY OpsChain

Public Finance Manager

With EY OpsChain Public Finance Manager, governments can spend money more effectively and efficiently. The solution helps public finance managers overcome long-standing barriers, such as lack of timely and accurate reporting of value for money.

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EY OpsChain


As part of the EY Blockchain platform, The EY OpsChain Traceability solution provides a trusted platform for traceability and transparency within a supply chain ecosystem through the use of notarization and tokenization. Our blockchain-enabled technology capabilities help clients deliver long-term value by improving brand equity, revenue and operational performance.

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Whether operating in the metaverse, decentralized finance, or within a traditional financial industry model, we work with our clients to envision business outcomes and design the necessary infrastructure, organizational models, processes and controls to capture new markets with innovative, secure and compliant solutions.


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Blockchain will integrate information and process within and across enterprise boundaries and has the potential to streamline and accelerate your business processes, increase protection against cybersecurity and reduce or eliminate the roles of intermediaries.