Auto, captive and equipment finance

EY auto, captive and equipment finance team helps US and global clients create next-generation digital lending ecosystems; pivot to better experiences for dealers, customers and employees; build operating flexibility and excellence; and protect the enterprise by enhancing compliance, risk and fraud capabilities.

What EY can do for you

The EY organization is a leader in automotive, captive and equipment finance and was the first of the Big Four to establish a dedicated network of practices more than a decade ago. Significant change is upending the market, with stakeholders demanding better services and new technologies reshaping the ways value is created. Facing macroeconomic challenges, lenders must also adapt to evolving customer expectations, technological advances like artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, and heightened regulatory scrutiny. In this unique economic environment, companies are tightening credit, using advanced technologies for cost optimization and reassessing operating models. They must also navigate higher vehicle costs and affordability issues, requiring adjustments in lending practices and a shift in focus from price to the customer experience. With this in mind, our team continues to evolve, take shape and is refined to best support each client’s industry sector, with the following eight key areas of focus:

Technology modernization

Adopting and integrating advanced digital tools, software solutions and data-driven processes to streamline and enhance, including full core modernization and transformation.

Artificial intelligence and data

Acknowledging the importance of high-quality and controlled data that is stored and shared responsibly to help drive decision-making, growth and enhanced customer experiences.

Accounting and finance

Navigating complex matters relating to technical accounting (e.g., leases, credit loss, consolidation); financial reporting; internal controls; strategic transactions (IPO, special purpose acquisition company, M&A, divestiture); securitization; treasury; finance system transformation; and environmental, social and governance.

Risk and compliance

Recognizing the value in a strong risk and compliance program to meet market and regulatory pressures related to discrimination and fairness, fraud, and complaints and customer support while bolstering foundational components such as compliance management system (CMS), the subledger, controls and regulatory change management.

Mobility and embedded finance

Leveraging technology and innovative models to prioritize streamlined transactions and an enhanced user experience in support of end-of-vehicle lifecycle accountability, battery financing, emerging subscription services and native in-car payments.

Experience-led transformation

Assisting original equipment manufacturers, value chain wholesale and retail networks, captives and finance partners while working to integrate and enable the creation of a sustainable and unique shopping, buying and ownership journey for each customer relationship.

Operational efficiency

Optimizing business and technology processes and achieving operational efficiency gains through implementation of strategies and practices to reduce waste and enhance overall productivity.

Future of the workplace

Talent utilization strategy, workforce development initiatives and upskilling offerings that intentionally support cost maximizing, growth goals and people development.

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