Consumer banking and wealth services

EY consumer banking and wealth teams implement integrated solutions to help with profitable growth, operational excellence, and safety and soundness priorities by combining deep market knowledge, innovative thinking and advanced technology.

What EY teams can do for you

Retail banks must contend with a combination of urgent challenges — from shifting consumer needs to intensifying competition from non-traditional players to macroeconomic headwinds. With fee income falling and transaction volumes decreasing, banking executives must look to fresh approaches and entirely new strategies if they are to maintain market leadership and unlock profitable growth.

The EY consumer banking and wealth teams offer a suite of solutions, including disruptive growth strategies and tech implementations that help drive results. And our managed services offerings provide modernized systems and connected capabilities that support highly efficient operations and long-term value creation.

We maintain productive strategic ecosystem collaboration in critical areas — innovation and experience design, sales and marketing, automation and transaction processing — to create new value streams and support large-scale transformation programs.

Based on proven methodologies and reusable assets, our solutions deliver results in line with the strategic agendas of C-suite leaders.

Profitable growth
  • Drive growth through customer acquisition and economic participation.
  • Innovate customer products, services and experiences.
  • Expand into new value ecosystems through partnerships, M&A and embedded commerce.
  • Unlock new customer value through advice and interactions.
Operational excellence
  • Modernize systems and processes to drive market agility and competitiveness.
  • Create capacity for growth through cost optimization and investment discipline.
  • Protect margins and improve operating leverage.
  • Drive talent growth and innovation to unlock productivity and efficiency.
Safety and soundness
  • Fortify operations for stability, resiliency and security.
  • Protect consumers and meet standards for data privacy, fraud, fairness and best interest.
  • Meet obligations efficiently — regulatory, compliance, legal and control.
  • Create societal value through ESG and financial inclusion.

EY Nexus for Banking — our cloud-native, business-to-business platform — is one of the largest in the industry and offers ready access to leading-edge technology. With EY Nexus, banks can shorten the time to value in pursuit of many different business objectives, from launching new products and enhancing customer experiences, improving back-office performance in risk and finance, to streamlining regulatory compliance and fighting financial crime. The EY Nexus platform provides the core infrastructure, data models, intelligent assets and reusable components to make development cycles faster, more productive and lower risk.

The global network of banking professionals brings broad experience and integrated knowledge to core parts of the banking business:

Why EY teams?

As much as what we provide, it’s how we provide that makes the difference.

Leading with insight: The NextWave Insights Platform features inputs from more than 50,000 global consumers and the top 100 leading global bank, wealth and FinTech brands, providing predictive intelligence on key market innovations, consumer preference shifts, brand trust and value ecosystem design.

Reframing value: We use a “show not tell,” collaborative approach in engaging clients to co-create next-generation ecosystems and experiences that bring opportunities to life in everyday operations.

Supporting innovation: We unlock fresh thinking and business value by using proven toolsets and curated environments — including the EY Design Studio, metaverse labs and wavespace locations around the world.

Protecting client businesses: The Nexus for Risk platform automates and integrates risk management by design, keeping clients safe and sound while still innovating at speed. Designed for easy integration into technical infrastructures, the platform automates detailed views of risk management via artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.

Discover EY Nexus for Banking and Capital Markets

A transformative solution that helps banks design, build, launch and enhance propositions at the speed of their customers’ ever-shifting expectations. A mature solution with proven capabilities.

EY named Market Leader in the HFS Horizons Report

The Best Service Providers for Retail Banks, 2023 report. 

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