Public health services transformation

The EY team helps state and local governments modernize and strengthen their public health infrastructure so that residents and communities can thrive.

What does it take to build a resilient public health agency?

We surveyed 301 public health officials from across the United States. Our research finds organizations operating at a uniquely difficult yet exciting time, in a field that is being reshaped and revitalized by digital innovation.

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What EY can do for you

Public health leadership teams are setting a bold new vision and purpose for the communities they serve. Transformation is on the agenda, and EY knows that this journey must address digital modernization, operational efficiencies, and rebuilding the workforce. Our team’s mix of insight, knowledge and experience brings a holistic approach to strengthening public health infrastructure, increasing capacity, and modernizing systems.

Our public health services capabilities include:

9-8-8/Behavioral Health

Support planning and implementation to enhance mental health crisis response system infrastructure and services. Our capabilities include strategic planning and visioning, program and project management, and operational support in critical areas such as communications, process optimization, technology, workforce, finance, and data analysis and reporting.

Analytics for action

Build a foundation that can integrate data across internal and external sources to provide a whole-person view across agencies, make informed decisions for program and policy planning and implementation, resource deployment and informing strategic objectives 

Disease outbreak response

Mitigate the impact of disease through proactive approaches, including communications and community engagement, command center and emergency response, and investigation logistics

Health equity

Create workable solutions that strengthen program initiatives and resource utilization to implement sustainable and equitable policies and practices that benefit diverse and vulnerable constituents

Surveillance Program of the Future (SPoF)

Strengthen surveillance capabilities that enable timely and proactive identification and response to diseases and events and helps inform policy and programmatic decisions, direction, and prevention efforts

Technology modernization

Increase the efficiency and business fit of technology resources, transform IT into a valued business partner, manage risk and cybersecurity concerns and harness the power of a digital-ready workforce with a new set of competencies


Vaccine program management

Develop an end-to-end solution that provides local governments and clients a solid infrastructure for documenting, managing, administering and monitoring vaccine distribution while enabling compliance with requirements


Workplace reimagined

Enhance organizational structures and environments that attract, engage, empower and retain a diverse and inclusive workforce

Public health impact stories

Learn more about how the EY US GPS team has impacted state and local communities by utilizing modernization, data and technology to improve public health.

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Transform the way your agency handles organizational, operational, programmatic, financial and workforce challe

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