Evolving technology and data through cloud services

Unlock the agility, efficiency and innovation of composable business services. EY Business transformation through cloud services allows organizations to turn technology disruption into value and innovate in the cloud to add long-term value for customers, people, society and business.

Your business challenge

Leading businesses are relentlessly transforming, imagining new business models enabled by technology and data. Wherever you are in your cloud and transformation journey, we can help to unlock the value of technology and data, answering pressing challenges, such as:

  • How can we create more flexible infrastructure to take advantage of business opportunities quickly?
  • How do we reduce our infrastructure costs without sacrificing scalability, usability and resiliency?
  • How do we identify the best cloud strategy ꟷ for today and for tomorrow ꟷ in a cost-efficient manner?
  • How can we achieve intelligent automation to increase consistency, speed and quality while reducing labor?
  • How do we engage with partners to ensure shared risk, future-proofed delivery and outcome-driven contracts that provide value for all parties?
  • How do we enable an agile implementation approach to deliver new capabilities?

Solution benefits

The EY cloud services team acts as end-to-end transformation collaborators. From defining your ambition, to data modernization and migration, we help you adjust to agile working. Together, we deliver:

  • Disruptive business outcomes that drive significant transformation in industries, sectors and markets.
  • A safe environment for experimentation and learning that inspires market-defining outcomes.
  • Trusted ecosystems that add unique capabilities to help deliver exceptional customer and business outcomes at speed.

Solution features and functionality

EY teams can help you use data as fuel, dynamically assembling and reassembling relevant technologies — to iteratively learn while increasing pace. The EY Business transformation through cloud services delivery approach covers six areas:

  • Cloud value ambition: Define how cloud and emerging technologies will support and drive your business ambitions based on customer, market and business insights.
  • Cloud capability design: Determine, analyze and architect new capabilities to create value outcomes that contribute to business success.
  • Cloud value index: Understand where you are on your cloud journey, the risks and inhibitors to achieving your ambitions, and your performance relative to your market and peers.
  • Cloud accelerator: Co-develop sector-specific and pre-configured cloud solutions with our ecosystem partners to jump-start your innovation journey.
  • Cloud journey execution: Identify and analyze the value realization map of business capabilities required to innovate. Prioritize exponential business value to successfully innovate.
  • Living in the cloud : Build and continuously evolve scalable capabilities and make optimum use of technologies, platforms and data to create agility and business value.

Cloud agenda

Learn how to capture hidden value in your business transformation with the cloud.

Why EY

Our approach results in composable architectures that can continuously adapt. EY teams have the cloud, data and security strategies to help you manage the complexities of the cloud and achieve long-term value.

Enabling business transformation through cloud

Ragu Rajaram and Andrew Lowe discuss how organizations can enable business transformation through the cloud to create exponential growth and drive innovation, while maximizing the power of people and ecosystem partnerships.

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EY Alliance and Ecosystem Relationships

The EY Partner Ecosystem will help you thrive. We collaborate, cocreate and innovate with leading organizations such as MicrosoftSAPServiceNowIBM RedHat and Infosys to drive transformation, performance and growth. Our depth of cloud and technology capabilities and insights can help you to transform at speed and scale.

The team

Tim Rehac

EY Americas Cloud Infrastructure & Strategy Leader

Thought leader in technology transformation and Cloud. Former CTO, CEO, and COO. Father of two wonderful daughters, softball coach. An occasional but passionate golfer and skier.

New York, USA

Amr Ahmed

EY Americas Infrastructure, Cloud & Service Resiliency Practice Leader

Patient technology consultant, driving engagement and business outcomes. Father of three. Lover of history and soccer.

Iselin, USA

Tammy Alairys

EY Americas Consulting Technology Transformation Leader

Technology transformation thought leader. Passionate about bringing people and ideas together. Optimist.

Chicago, USA

Vikram Raju

EY Global Cloud Consulting Leader

A change leader catalyzing business-led, technology-driven transformation journeys. Creates long-term value and a better future for all. Enjoys vacations at his farm with his rescued pets.

Bengaluru, IND

Ragu Rajaram

EY Global Cloud Consulting Leader

Cloud-native pioneer and a digital change agent. Creating new value in the market through innovation and collaboration. Changing the world one day and one step at a time.

Bengaluru, IND

Alex Shulman-Peleg

EY Americas Cloud Cybersecurity Leader; Managing Director, Technology Consulting, Ernst & Young LLP

Enjoys jogging and swimming, as well as family time.

Hoboken, USA

Subbu Natarajan

EY Americas Technology Transformation Leader – Architecture

Helping clients deliver reimagined future business at scale holistically. Leveraging the power of evolving technology.

Iselin, USA

Paul Sussex

EY Americas Digital and Financial Services Cloud Leader

Technology Transformation and Cloud leader. Over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry. Expertise in business-led, technology-enabled transformation.

New York, USA

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