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The EY Government Contract Services team provides clients with government contract and grant accounting, pricing and compliance support, and pharmaceutical government pricing support. Our professionals advise clients on government contract accounting matters and serve as trusted government contract and grant compliance consultants.
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Team and engage with professionals experienced in government contract accounting, government contract compliance and government pricing.

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Pharmaceutical Revenue Management Services

EY pharmaceutical government pricing is the cornerstone of our Pharmaceutical Revenue Management offerings. Watch this video and learn how these solutions may work for your organization.

What EY Government Contract Services can do for you

EY Government Contract Services professionals are dedicated to helping clients achieve their business objectives efficiently and in compliance with applicable procurement regulations, whether through government contracts, grants, government pricing reimbursement programs or participation in various other government arrangements. Our team works in, and across, all industries where the US government procures, or provides reimbursement for, goods or services.

These industries include aerospace, consumer goods and services, defense, energy, engineering and construction, health care, information technology, life sciences, nonprofits (e.g., FFRDCs, universities), professional services, telecommunications and utilities.

US government procurements and reimbursements are governed by strict public policies implemented and enforced through complex statutes, rules, regulations and requirements. Our team of experienced government compliance consultants assists clients with understanding and addressing government contract accounting and compliance issues. Success working with the US government hinges on capability and preparedness to adhere to government policies from the outset and to maintain ongoing compliance throughout the duration of your involvement in government pricing and contracting.

The EY Government Contract Services team leverages in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of government programs to guide clients toward economically viable outcomes while prioritizing security, efficiency and compliance.

We understand that a strong business foundation built upon knowledge, skilled personnel, streamlined processes and efficient systems is vital when you are engaging with the US government through contracts, assistance awards or participation in government pricing programs. The EY Government Contract Services team leverages in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of government programs and associated rules, including government pricing and reporting, to guide clients toward economically viable outcomes while prioritizing security, efficiency and compliance.


Our team is here to support you every step of the way. We bring knowledge and experience to help you overcome obstacles and achieve success with your government engagements, whether you are embarking on your first US government contract or award, venturing into a reimbursement or drug pricing program, seeking leading practices to enhance contract and program administration, or resolving a compliance matter. 

Managed Services for Cost-Price Analysis

Better management of cost/price analysis needs is within reach. Watch the EY Government Contract Services video to learn more.



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