Serving federal government contractors requires practical and innovative solutions that enable agility, compliance and integrity that can be sustained.

Steven J. Tremblay

Managing Director, Government Contract Services, Ernst & Young LLP

Client and team focused. Driven by teamwork, continuous learning and inspiration. Committed to developing long-term trusted relationships. Devoted to family.

Steven helps clients today by leveraging his experience in industry combined with innovative solutions developed during his time at the firm.

Steven has spent more than 30 years working at and serving government contractors and has extensive experience advising clients on matters involving accounting (e.g., FAR and CAS), DFARS business systems, transaction due diligence, contract administration and cost allocation. Prior to joining the firm, Steven was the Chief Contracts Administrator at a large aerospace and defense contractor where he was responsible for handling complex government contracting issues (e.g., implementation of effective systems of internal controls, negotiations, terminations, handling contract disputes, responding to audit inquiries).

Steven is also an elected member and serves on the Finance Committee of the Western New England University Board of Trustees, which is responsible for helping the university achieve its mission, fulfill its goals and serve its constituencies.

How Steven is building a better working world

Steven believes that serving his community, mentoring the people that he works with and establishing trust are the foundation of sustainable relationships. Steven works closely with client executives to understand priorities. Through developing a strong team and understanding his clients’ priorities, Steven hopes to provide value and growth opportunities for his team and clients.

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