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Our dedicated global team of investigators, forensic accountants, compliance and technology professionals help organizations respond rapidly to instances of alleged fraud, bribery and other misconduct, as well as law enforcement and regulatory inquiries.

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Using advanced forensic technologies, we quickly gather facts and evidence to assess the extent of the issue and to help organizations manage relevant stakeholders. We support legal counsel by analyzing varying data sources to uncover links, patterns and anomalies and by presenting findings in legal proceedings.

Our professionals also work with companies and their legal counsel to refine risk assessments and tailor compliance programs to help put integrity at the heart of the organization. We aim to help companies create an ethical business culture focused on honesty, integrity and transparency that improves business performance and protects their brand. Leveraging forensic data analytics, we provide insights into employee behavioral patterns that can be used to develop customized compliance programs that align with the organization’s business and risk profile.

We enable businesses to make better decisions about the third parties they choose to work with. We examine risk from every angle, and provide you with the insights you need to identify the partners who will create better long-term value for your business. Read more about our Third-party risk management services that may help you manage this increasingly complex third-party risk landscape.

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