How nuclear generation will play a part in a greener economy

In this episode of ‘The 10 Point Pod’, the speakers discuss point 3 of the UK Government’s 10 Point Plan exploring the role of nuclear power in a net zero energy system.

Nuclear power tends to be overlooked among the zero carbon generation options and many are sceptical about the energy source as a whole; however, it offers an attractive baseload alternative.

Nuclear power has been on the go in the UK since the 1950s and Westminster still believes it has a key part to play in the road to net zero for the UK. The UK Government has set aside £385 million in an Advanced Nuclear Fund to encourage the production of low carbon power, with the aim of unlocking further private sector funding.

In this third chapter, Chris Lewis, Partner, UK&I Infrastructure Leader at Ernst & Young LLP, sits down with Anne Falchi, Value for Money Programme Manager at EDF’s Sizewell C Power Station and Ed Reed, Editor at Energy Voice to talk through the challenges and opportunities of nuclear power. 

The episode highlights the following:

  • The key role for nuclear in delivering deep decarbonisation of the electricity system, alongside renewables and other technologies
  • How do small and modular reactors stack up and even more importantly, how can builders control costs, which have come under fire at a time when prices continue to fall for renewables
  • How high-skilled jobs can be created and sustained across the UK from nuclear power 

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Duration 31m 57s

Chris C Lewis – Partner, UK&I Infrastructure Leader, Ernst & Young LLP 

External presenters:
Anne Falchi - Value for Money Programme Manager in Sizewell C Power Station at EDF Energy
Ed Reed – Editor at Energy Voice