Turnaround and Restructuring Strategy: Transforming outcomes

EY Parthenon Turnaround and Restructuring Strategy provides leadership in difficult and complex situations to rapidly solve, execute and ultimately transform the outcome.

Delivered globally – connected locally, fully digitally enabled and built on deep sector experience.

What EY Parthenon can do for you

The challenge of organisational disruption is not new, but it is changing. As financial complexity and innovation are accelerating, the impact is shifting the way organisations need to respond.

We have been helping organisations deal with disruptive challenges for over 40 years. These threats come in many different forms – economic change, competitor innovation, operational challenges, capital constraints, changing stakeholder expectations – and they often arrive at the same time.

We deliver solutions at pace. Whether our clients are companies, government organisations, investors, or financial stakeholders, and whether they are on the brink of a crisis or seeking to build resilience in their business, we work closely alongside them to deliver the financial and organisational outcomes that enable them to adapt and succeed. We transform outcomes.

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Turnaround and Restructuring Strategy legacies

Over the past 40 years,Turnaround and Restructuring Strategy has helped to create legacies for some of the largest private and public sector organisations. We have helped to build a better working world by:

  • Saving thousands of jobs
  • Recovering billions of pounds of capital for creditors to reinvest in their businesses
  • Ensuring continuity of critical services in the UK

And our story goes on. We are proud to make a difference.

Have you got to grips with the new restructuring legislation and what it means for businesses?

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