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Our purpose is to drive sustainability, and social and economic impact for EY teams and the communities we serve. As part of the EY purpose of building a better working world, Environmental Social Governance Services (ESGS) is driving an inclusive and sustainable mindset across the EY organization through our supply chain services strategy.

"Our commitment is to inspire diverse suppliers to think big and be confident in their ability to provide high quality products and services that meet our needs. Through our initiative we aim to create a distinctive experience for suppliers by teaming together to develop innovative solutions, strategies and accelerating possibilities as we respond with a diverse mindset to our customers, clients and communities around us," says Larry Phelan, EY Global Chief Supply Chain Officer.

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Our commitment

We are committed to maintaining a diverse supplier base and building relationships with suppliers that reflect the market, clients and communities we serve. We seek to actively identify, develop and do business with diverse suppliers as an integral component of our supply chain services activities. Our ESGS team drives the supplier diversity initiative at EY member firms to promote supplier inclusion.

Small and diverse-owned businesses

We seek suppliers that are certified as at least 51% owned, operated and controlled by one or more minority, woman, LGBTQ+, veteran, service-disabled veteran, person with a disability, aboriginal-indigenous person or a historically underutilized business defined by the local country that can enhance EY’s competitive advantage, and provide innovative and cost-effective services for our clients.

Our advocacy organization membership allows ESGS to participate in activities to recruit diverse contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers of products and services of value. Our supply chain services professionals are not only trained in supplier diversity, but the team also educates suppliers about our supply chain services process through the many activities we support.

Supplier registration

We maintain a supply chain services database that helps us search for qualified suppliers, and we encourage suppliers to register on the database, so they will be considered when sourcing opportunities become available for their industry areas. Suppliers are also encouraged to use the database to update their information and provide electronic versions of marketing materials for our supply chain services professionals to review. 

At EY, we search for suppliers who can help us provide exceptional services to clients and support the overall success of our organization. Become a registered supplier.

ESGS programs supporting small and diverse-owned businesses

Our goal is to help diverse entrepreneurs in building the economy around the globe. We create this opportunity by providing a distinctive experience for suppliers and EY through our ESGS program. Our program develops diverse suppliers through mentoring, education, networking and scholarships to accelerate their growth and knowledge.

  • We provide scholarships for diverse businesses to attend executive leadership programs.
  • ESGS participates in internal and external mentoring programs. Through these programs, we offer protégés access to leadership training and assessment tools to identify challenge areas, and we facilitate strategy sessions that update and improve suppliers’ organizations.
  • We sponsor Perfecting Your Pitch workshops and competitions.
  • We foster growth for the next generation of diverse young entrepreneurs
Sustainable supply chain services

EY is committed to building a better working world — one that creates sustainable and inclusive economic growth. We recognize that our responsibility to minimize the environmental impact of our business operations extends to our people and clients and to the wider communities in which we all live.

For a better understanding of our commitment, please review:

  • How can carbon negative unlock positive value for the planet?

As part of EY's carbon ambition, we are asking EY suppliers to set their own Science-Based Targets. Supply Chain Services will collaborate with all suppliers to help them on their journeys to SBTi accreditation and the decarbonization of the products and services we procure from them.

In the spirit of collaboration, EY would like to invite you to view our EYG Supply Chain Services Science-Based Target training. Your ambition will help to drive the global collective effort to combat climate change and create sustainable supply chains.

Download EYG Supply Chain Services Science-Based Target training

Join the Race to Zero: 

The EY organization has joined the UN Climate Change Race to Zero by signing up to the Business Ambition for 1.5°C initiative. 

We encourage all vendors to join us, by signing up to the UN Climate Change Race to Zero. Join the Race to Zero via any of the Race to Zero Partner initiatives.


Supplier due diligence

Just as the EY Global Code of Conduct sets out the standards of ethical behavior expected of every EY person, our Supplier Code of Conduct does the same for EY suppliers. Our Global Supplier Code of Conduct (pdf) outlines our environmental and human rights/social expectations and asks suppliers to verify their social and environmental sustainability standards.

To monitor supplier performance our EY Supplier Portal provides EY supply chain services professionals with enhanced visibility of the capabilities of current and potential suppliers. Here, suppliers complete a self-assessment questionnaire so we can better understand their social and environmental policies, practices and certifications.

Awards and recognition

EY’s efforts to support global diversity and inclusiveness within supply chain services have earned EY recognition in the marketplace, including the following:

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