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With programs around the world, EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ identifies ambitious women entrepreneurs and provides them with advice, resources and access to unlock their full potential.

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Entrepreneurship is entrepreneurship… isn’t it? Women face unique barriers to grow and scale a business – specifically when only 2% of venture capital funding globally* is allocated to women-owned businesses. At EY, we’re on a mission to change that reality for women once and for all.

The EY Entrepreneurial Winning WomenTM program champions entrepreneurs to fulfil their boldest ambitions.

Since 2008, our annual program has welcomed a group of exceptional entrepreneurs and committed to empowering their long-term growth and scalability.


First, we connect these visionaries with access to networks, mentorship and the resources required to help create a business masterpiece and achieve sustainable growth. Then, we integrate program alumnae into a thriving global community of more than 900 entrepreneurs across 55 countries — all working to build inclusive businesses and help address complex challenges. At every stage, we share our platform to spotlight their individual stories and generate game-changing visibility.


Because the world needs the innovative solutions women-led companies are developing. By closing the gaps in access, networking and learning, we aim to ensure these entrepreneurs reach their full potential and create a lasting impact.

The EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ program is a key commitment undertaken by the EY organization to accelerate gender equity as part of our Women. Fast forward platform. Through this program and other initiatives such as our title sponsorship of the inaugural InvestHer Summit — we are daring to rewrite the narrative and reimagine what is possible.

After all, isn’t that what the art of entrepreneurship is all about?

We think so.

Kath Carter

EY Global Talent Leader, Strategy and Transactions;
EY Women. Fast forward and
Entrepreneurial Winning
Women™ Global Executive

Photographic portrait of Kath Carter

*Source: Forbes – We can fix the funding gap

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