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To digitally transform, leaders need to deliver tech at speed, innovate at scale and put humans at the center.
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Six actions technology leaders can take today

As digital transformation alters industries and customer and employee expectations, CIOs play a vital role in deploying advanced technology with the end-user and future innovation in mind. Here are six ways to become a successful IT leader:

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Evolving technology and data through cloud services

Our cloud and emerging technologies will support and drive your strategic ambitions based on customer, market and business insights.

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Digital Transformation services

We help companies thrive in the transformative age by refreshing themselves constantly, experimenting with new ideas and scaling successes.

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Artificial intelligence consulting services

Our Advisory approach to the adoption of AI and intelligent automation is human-centered, pragmatic, outcomes-focused and ethical.

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Technology Managed Services

Our Advisory approach to the adoption of AI and intelligent automation is human-centered, pragmatic, outcomes-focused and ethical.

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The Center for Executive Leadership

Helping top leaders to achieve peak performance, professionally and personally, by providing insights and networking opportunities.

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How can you cut costs and still accelerate growth?

Explore strategic IT cost optimization opportunities that can leverage technology spend and value, amid rising AI investments to fund innovation.

Five ways CIDOs can usher in a new era in business

Emergence of the chief information and digital officer: the new leaders defining the future of the enterprise. Read more.

How CIOs can elevate their influence in the C-suite

As digital innovation is absorbed into the broader technology strategy, leadership roles converge. Here’s what that means for the CIO.

Emerging tech in the enterprise: How to catch up to your “consumers”

Employees are the consumers of emerging tech at work. How well are CIOs and CTOs listening to their wants and needs? Read now.

Video: How to navigate generative AI use at work

Watch now. Why businesses need to embrace the challenges of generative AI and ChatGPT.

Is the future of your tech stack built on the foundation of your people?

Senior leaders often show reluctance to adopt emerging technologies and communicate poorly with others, an EY survey shows. Find out more.

How micro transformation can change the way companies solve problems

Micro transformation uses KPIs to help companies zero in on what matters most. Here’s how it’s done.

Essential steps to reach effective cloud cost management

Learn four key steps toward cloud cost management without losing value. Read now.

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Eight takeaways on data and transformation for CIOs

Learn how CIOs leverage data and AI to drive change in tech, people and culture.

How can the CIO solve the E+S+G equation?

This report discusses the intersection of ESG and the IT organization. CIOs and new technologies can help companies unlock value from ESG data.

Video: How AI is accelerating product innovation

Dan Diasio discusses how companies are using artificial intelligence to accelerate product innovation at CES 2023. Watch now.

How to design for digital-enabled growth

Learn which core initiatives IT leaders can implement to digitally transform their business.

Are you driving your cloud strategy or is it driving you?

Read our latest report to learn how to maximize your cloud strategy for cost, speed and end-to-end integration.

Video: Emerging technology trends and actions for business leaders

Watch Matt Barrington on Cheddar News discuss how emerging tech like AI and machine learning have evolved, including key action items for leaders.

Seven key takeaways for CIOs and data leaders in a time of disruption

Amid economic uncertainty, CIOs are leading digital transformation. The Tech Icons Council offers tech leaders seven steps to take.

How CIOs, CDOs and CEOs can develop their company’s digital dream team

Creating a new generation of digital-first technology leaders. Read now.

How to monetize the data in your cloud environments

Leading-edge CIOs are taking IT from cost center to revenue generator with cloud data monetization. Learn how.

Healthcare beyond the cloud: How to optimize both cost and care

EY and Providence Health discuss their new cloud computing strategy. Watch now.

What elements make a successful cloud program?

Foundational strategies for cloud implementation, migration and adoption. Read now.

How leaders can optimize the cloud for greater returns and sustainability

The future depends on CIOs making the most of the cloud. Read now..

How to use technology in ESG reporting

Organizations must design a framework that will support both their ESG ambitions and reporting. Read now.

IT sustainability: a CIO’s essential ESG starting points

Where should CIOs first invest their attention to make an ESG impact? Read now.

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How companies are investing in data and analytics

Watch Traci Gusher discuss how companies have made strides within data and analytics throughout the pandemic and what CIOs need to focus on.

Increase your limits: how to capture value from the industry cloud

Reimagine the “hyperplexed” future with the industry cloud. Learn more.

How building your tech ecosystem fuels innovation and growth opportunities

CIOs are making these considerations to create alliances with a subset of strategic suppliers.

Cloud or thunderstorm: Showing ROI from your cloud strategy

CIOs should consider how to manage and optimize costs when implementing new cloud strategies.

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    EY leverages key information technology partners to create long-term value for our clients and drive business innovation.

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