Traci Gusher joins Cheddar News to discuss the need for businesses to embrace generative AI.

In brief
  • Employees are using AI in their personal lives and are expecting to have similar experiences at work.
  • Data is the fuel for AI. Without modern data platforms and governance AI won’t produce the expected outcomes.

What are some of the technologies in this current day and age that you're watching closely?

Traci: Well, obviously everyone is watching generative AI. It's on everyone's watch list and for good reason. It's funny, but many of us have started to adopt things like generative AI in our personal lives. What's happening is we're building expectations in our business lives based on the experiences we're having in our personal life. We're used to getting ready access to data. We're used to getting insights on demand and we're really questioning “Why can't I have the same experiences in my professional life that I'm having in my personal life?” So organizations are really getting pressured to adopt technology like generative AI to both have those experiences as well as have different kinds of outcomes.

We're building expectations in our business lives based on experiences in our personal life. We're used to getting ready access to data. We're used to getting insights on demand.

Where should organizations hone in on to keep up with these new technologies in a way that benefits them?

Traci: There are three different ways that organizations need to focus in the space of generative AI.

  1. The first is the plan to govern. How are you going to manage those models? How are you going to prepare for the emerging landscape of regulatory pressures and how do you have the capability to have an ethical compass? So, “How should I use my AI?” and, “How shouldn't I use it?”
  2. The second is to flip the script on transformation. So long are the days of people, processes, and technology. We need to change that to a transformational approach. That is, “How do I have people at the center that are enabled by data and by AI?”
  3. Third is the data. We need to be investing as much in the data as we are in the AI.

Data is so important. So, let's talk about how critical that is to this process.

Traci: Data is an absolute imperative. At the root of it, data is the fuel that will produce trusted and reliable AI. Organizations that haven't effectively invested in modern data platforms and effective data governance are quickly going to realize that they can't produce the value and the outcomes that they need out of the AI they're investing in.


Technologies like generative AI and ChatGPT have been making headlines, but for businesses, it can be a challenge to keep up with these emerging technologies.

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